No Name  LbNA # 21241

Placed DateMar 30 2006
LocationGlenwood Springs, CO
Found By Astro D
Last Found Sep 10 2015
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 15 2015

This box is both for my boxing buddies on the CO Western Slope/Eastern Utah, and All Ya’ll who just need a quick break from driving on Interstate 70 through the beautiful Glenwood Canyon. Planted en route to my BMAO in Moab April Fools Day/Birthday 2006 trip. I got the best PREsents ever, you might too! Handmade stamp and journal, ink pad and pen.

* * *

Many folks out here in the West have heard tail (ahem) of the famous jackalope. Fewer have heard tale or actually seen the elusive Penguini RockyMountainous. ‘Cept maybe some visitors from Idaho who visited CO east of here very recently and got their clues up before we did!

We like the cold. We like to drive (we can’t fly for crying out loud – ‘cept for using up PREquent flier miles, heck we can barely walk)….so we get on the bus and go places. We’ve decided we like this place – we’ll get lots of visitors – we’ve got lots of room for hitchhikers – so we’re staying put right here! We can get off the bus and hike and bike around this area whenever we like – maybe all the way from Glenwood Springs - We're that friendly! We also like kids, dogs, bikes and wheels ('cept the very last part). Heck even rafters might like us too.

Until you drive-by to find this box on Exit #119 on I-70 through Glenwood Canyon, just barely east of the town of Glenwood Springs, we have No Name.

You’ll find a rest area here (accessible from both directions on I-70).

Set out on foot from the SE corner of the parking lot of the rest area. Take the paved path that goes slightly downhill here (picnic tables will be between you and the river as you begin) to the T junction you can see from here. At the T junction in the trail you’ll see a sign for the Glenwood Canyon Bike & Pedestrian path. Go right (west) and slightly uphill at the T junction. Walk a short distance until the path curves north as you enter an area with trees.

About the time the trail heads west again, look for a small unofficial trail that heads back to the upper parking lot from the paved bike trail. This is the old hiding spot.

Instead of turning right here continue along the paved trail another 35 steps to a faint path on the left side of the trail. Follow this path for aprox. 25 steps to the 4th white rock on the right. The white, rectangular rock is 4 x 2 feet and No Name is hidden on the north east side of the rock under a smaller rock.

Bike traffic sneaks up quickly here when you least expect it, so please be discreet in this area.

Feel free to suggest names for the 5 of us individually and tell us about your own trip. (We think Fred must be at least one name, but we all look alike! Which one of us might be Fred.... or Bob....or?...)

Since this box is not local for me, I'd really appreciate status updates on how this box is doing.

Denver, CO