Bear River Hang Out  LbNA # 21245

Placed DateApr 5 2006
LocationMaquoketa, IA
Found By Jackalope
Last Found Oct 31 2009
Hike Distance?

This box has a hand carved stamp. Bring your own stamp pad. This hike will take you about 2 hours. The terrain is rocky and somewhat steep in places, with lots of stairs. Itís a beautiful place and a fun hike. Be prepared to get dirty and/or muddy and bring a flashlight.

Mr. B.D. Beniferd, Wildlife Specialist, had heard that there were some bears living in caves in eastern Iowa. The place is named for the nearby river, which bears an Indian name, honoring the animal that he seeks.

While doing his research, Mr. Beniferd discovered that there was an old bear living there whose address is: 4 Massive Boulder Place. He read at the information center and discovered that Old Bearís home was down the hill from Ice Cave. He found 4 Massive Boulder Place located next to Hunterís Shack, close to the creek. After moving a few small rocks aside, he found Old Bear snoozing in a tight spot.