City of Five Flags Series  LbNA # 21251 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 2 2006
LocationPensacola, FL
Found By Road Junkies
Last Found Jan 24 2010
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Pensacola is known as the City of Five Flags because of the five governing bodies that have controlled the city since the 1500s. The five boxes are located in downtown Pensacola and, if you find them in order, they will take you on a nice walking tour of the area. The totaly distance is just under 2 miles, so bring water if it's hot outside.

Box #1: Spain (For continuity's sake I should have named this one the "Spanish" box and the last one the "American" box, but I didn't).
First Spanish Period 1559-1719
Second Spanish Period 1722-1763
Third Spanish Period 1781-1819

Begin your search at Bartram Park on Bayfront Parkway. Park you car in the lot. Walk left on the sidewalk that runs parallel to the parking lot, and follow it as it curves left toward the road. Next to the entrance sign to the park is a fork in the sidewalk. Follow the curve to the right. You will pass two, small picnic covers (minus the tables) on your left. Immediately after is a wooden light pole on your left. Down toward the water are two, small palms; the larger one is leaning on the ground. To the left of the palms is a collection of rocks/cement. There is a large, flat-ish rock that looks like cement mixed with pebbles. Two medium-sized rocks are leaning against the large rock and a small cement/pebble rock is wedged between the medium ones. Pick up the small rock and you will be able to see what you're looking for. You must move one of the meduim rocks to access it.

Walk back toward the road and take a right on the sidewalk that runs along the water.

Box #2: French
French Period 1719-1722

Walk along the water until the water until the black lamp posts turn into silver ones. After the second silver post, there is a Missing Chldren's Memorial on the right. For a great view of the bay, walk down to the end of the bridge. Go directly across the street from the Missing Children's Memorial to the Veteran's Memorial (there is a crosswalk here). Make your way to the flagpole. Descend the steps and take the sidewalk to the right. There is a green street lamp on the left. With your back to the street lamp, walk straight ahead toward the hedges. The box is in the hedges, on the ground.

Box #3: British
British West Florida 1763-1781

Walk back toward the flagpole, but do not enter the Veteran's Memorial. Straight ahead you will see a large arch at the entrance to a neighborhood. Keep walking straight into the neighborhood. You will pass a roundabout with a clock. Take the first right after the clock. On the left side of the street you will see a black, iron fence surrounding St. Michael's Cemetery. Walk along the iron fence until you reach the back gate of St. Michael's. Enter the cemetery and follow the large, stone squares for a walking tour (if the gate is closed, simply walk around the block to the front of the cememtery). Exit through the front gates of the cemetery and take a left onto the sidewalk. Where the iron fence ends, there is a small palm and a small azalea shrub to its left. What you are looking for is in the small azalea. This box will be the toughest to find without being detected, so be careful.

Box #4: Confederate
Confederate Period 1861-1865

Keep walking down the street in front of St. Michaels, away from the interstate overpasses. A few blocks down you will come to a four-way stop with a large blue house on your left and a bar/restaurant on your right. When you take a right here the park will be on your left. Pass a historical marker for the First Baptist Church on your right. Go straight through another 4-way stop (and over train tracks in the road) and pass Seville Quarter on your right. Diagonal to the street corner where Seville ends you will see a sign for Plaza Ferdinand. Enter the park and find the section of the Colonial Archeological Trail. Walk to the end of the "pier" and you should see the T.T. Wentworth Museum straight ahead. Turn around to face the park. Ahead and slightly to the left is a Magnolia tree with a grass skirt. What you seek is in the grass skirt, covered with leaves, on the side of the tree that faces the "pier".

Box #5: United States
First United States Period 1821-1861
Second United States Period 1865-present

Exit Plaza Ferdinand and walk down the street between T.T. Wentworth and the Cultural Center. You will pass a section of the archeological trail on the left and the Pensacola Historical Museum on the right. Cross the street with the train tracks in them and you will see a green picket fence on the left. The green fence will turn into a white fence. Follow the fence until it ends. Across the street is a park, Seville Square. Enter the park and walk toward the gazebo. Fine the set of gazebo stairs that faces the Freedom Tree Memorial. When you are facing the steps, the box is under the stairs on the left side.

Bartram park (and your car) is two blocks south toward the water.

Some notes: If you ever found the "Knitting Pretty" letterbox, the United States letterbox is it replacement. The steps to the gazebo were never replaced, but there is a lot of construction going on downtown. If you try unsuccessfully to find the box and the gazebo steps look new, let me know.

Here is some info on attractions that you might want to check out:
Historic Pensacola Village- M-Sat,10-4,$6 adult,$2.50 child,$5 sneior/military

T.T. Wentworth Museum- same hours as Historic Pensacola, but always free. Third floor is a children's,interactive colonial village.

St. Michael's Cemetery- open 7-5, seven days a week, free

Pensacola Museum of Art (across from the Cultural Center)- T-F 10-5, Sat&Sun 12-5. $5 adult, $2 student/military, children free. Tuesdays are always free.