Skinny Skinny Spot  LbNA # 21259 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 7 2006
LocationBoise, ID
Found By Blackvelvetrav
Last Found Apr 8 2006
Hike Distance?

Hand carved stamps
Sorry, no first finder artifact


Go to Bronco Elite Gymnastics at 1187 West River Street.

Once you are settled, find an asphalt, pedestrian path (greenbelt) running perpendicular to River Street. Follow the path in the southwest direction. You値l be walking toward the river. On your left, you値l see a backless, low bench. Next, you値l reach a knoll right before a T-intersection with the main line of the greenbelt. If you pause at the T, you値l see a gazebo between you and the river. Also, a three part kiosk for greenbelt information marks the T. Here, you値l take a right and begin walking west on the path.

After about 0.10 mi., you値l see the Ann Morrison footbridge on your left. It crosses the Boise River. Continue straight on your path and follow the arrow to Riverside/Shoreline Park. For another 0.30 or so, you値l stroll along the north bank of the river and pass the landmarks as follows: (1) A white building with green trim (left for pedestrians, right for bikes) (2) A large brick building on your right (3) a large grey building on your right and a weir in the river to your left at the same spot (4) a building with reflective material is next and it痴 on your right. When you see it, bear right and walk up the path. You値l spot a green sign to your left marking the Americana Bridge. Walk up to the stop sign and take a left. Cross the bridge on the east side (upriver side) and stop for a moment at the end of the railing. Take a look at the area to your left. You may see a river otter. From the dirt parking area below to Ann Morrison Park to the south, you値l see a footbridge. Head toward it. At about 64 steps (32 paces), you値l reach the north side of the bridge. There is a small concrete ramp. Either sit on the edge of the ramp facing Americana, (or crouch down). There will be three stones under the ramp. Remove the stones & 鉄kinny, Skinny Spot awaits where wood, sand and concrete meet.