The Juggernaut  LbNA # 2130

Placed DateFeb 1 2002
LocationSayreville, NJ
Found By Chips Ahoy!
Last Found Jul 31 2015
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by: Martian Maggot

In 1914, a film called “the Juggernaut” was shot in Sayreville. The final sequence of this film was the resting spot for the Juggernaut for 24 years. That spot is where your hunt begins.

A lone tree stands at 40 degrees, 27.387 minutes North and 74 degrees, 20.426 minutes West. From that point, head towards the primary colors at 271 degrees. You will now notice a trail at the same heading. At the start of that trail, there is a dead tree branch on the ground to your left. Thirty two paces down the trail from there, is a see-thru tree at your left, surrounded by water lilies. The Juggernaut now rests inside.