Mud Pond  LbNA # 21301

Placed DateApr 9 2006
LocationWindham, ME
Found By (hidden)
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From Route 302 in Windham, turn onto Anglers Road (at the traffic light just past the last of the major strip mall sprawl.) Angelers Rd. is about 1.2 miles from routes 35/115. Turn down Anglers Rd. and drive for 0.8 miles (speed limit is 15 mph),following the blue and white signs for a public boat launch. The small parking area is on the right, between house #33 and #41.
The trail starts at a circle, with benches and paths radiating out at 3 o'clock, 6 o'clock (the entry path), 11 o'clock, and 12 o'clock. First take a minute to walk the 12 o'clock path (very wet) to the observation deck on the shore of Mud Pond.
The small pond is quiet and pristine. A turtle sunned himself on a stick on the left, and fish jumped in the little cove on the right when I visited in early April. The pond was full of a mix of ducks, making little noises and interacting with one another. If you visit in spring, bring binoculars or a spotting scope. A beaver lodge sits in the pond, and frogs sing occasionally. The shore is fringed in spruce and the area feels like a remote northern fen.
Head back to the trail intersections and take the 3 o'clock trail. This path soon splits in two, both paths paralleling each other closely. The higher path has views through the trees to the second Mud Pond, while the lower one more closely follows the shore of the first pond. The paths soon rejoin at a boardwalk over the stream connecting the two ponds (maybe ten minutes walking, tops.) Starting on the further end of this boardwalk, take seventeen paces to your right. Here three trunks grow close together on your right. The box lies behind these two trees.
If you continue on this path you will come to the trails around Chaffin Pond, which can also be reached from a driveway next to Sherwin Williams back on route 302.

Bring green and blue markers and Enjoy!