Presidental Timber  LbNA # 21302

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateApr 8 2006
LocationMt. Sterling., OH
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Oct 13 2012
Hike Distance?

One box, handicap accessible with a helper as it is within a couple minutes of lot.
Difficulty: Easy.
*Revised 10/10/06
*Area construction now complete as of 5/27/2006. The weeds have grown up quickly here, harder to find than during off-season.*

Dedicated to the 29th President of the United States, Warren G. Harding, an Ohio native.

Harding Cabin - History

Once a presidental retreat, The Harding Cabin at Deer Creek State Park is now restored for rental to the public. United States Attorney General Harry M. Daugherty constructed the one and a half story cabin, known as the "shack," at the close of World War I on the banks of Deer Creek. Daugherty was the strategist for Warren G. Harding during his state and national political campaigns and a cabinet member while the Marion newspaper publisher was President. Harding was elected state senator (1899-1902), lieutenant governor (1904-1905), and U.S. Senator (1915-1921), before being elected President (1921-1923).

The cabin on Sweetbriar Ridge was reported to be favorite retreat for Harding and his close friends, known in Washington as the "Ohio Gang" or "Us Boys." In addition, the hospitality of the cabin was reported to be extended to supporters of the administration and those who wished to do business with it.

At Deercreek State Park, follow the park signs to historic Harding cabin, it's located at a boat ramp that is currently under major re-construction.

Park in the lot nearest to the roadway leading into the ramp area *(the entrance has been re-routed behind the original entrance but does not mess up directions, old boat ramp closed and lot repaved), spaces seemed to be currently marked for long auto-trailer combos and avoid the construction equipment in this lot. Equipment re-moved 5/06.

From a small sweetgum tree (drops those little spikey balls) located on the small end cap island near the entrance (*new picnic table located here and new grill installed), with left heel touching tree trunk walk at 200* to a point between three small pines on a little rise just a few steps off of the pavement, about 25 paces. (Construction trailer is currently between start and this leg***Now removed).

10 paces at 140* should bring you to the ruins of a concrete foundation of a small outbuilding with the lake in view. A few more paces and you will be beside a medium dead tree and a small tree with the impaled remains of a goose decoy that I found that washed up when the Lake flooded last spring. Decoy has 'Chad Siders' written on tape inside.

'Presidental Timber' is beside the large 2'X4' concrete rectangle block under some sticks, rocks and driftwood, avoid the same sized block that is partially buried to the left. Stamp in and please re-seal as found or better if needed.

Check out the old cistern well also a little more to the left and also look at the drift debris in the trees leftover from last year's (2005) flood that was 40 feet above winter level.