honeygo dragonfly  LbNA # 21305 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 9 2006
Locationwhite marsh, MD
Planted By4geckos    
Found By FamilyClay
Last Found Jul 15 2006
Hike Distance?

*** this box has been picked up for repair ***
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Directions: from 95.
Take exit 67b to rt43 west.
Turn Right at the first traffic light onto Honeygo Blvd.
Pass under the Honeygo Regional Park pedestrian bridge.
Turn Right onto Joppa Road.
Turn Right again onto Cowenton.

On your left you will find Honeygo Run Regional Park.
Pass the first sign, and then pass a small brick house.
Immediately after the house you’ll see the sign for
Honeygo Regional Park “The Trails at Cowenton Ridge Park”

Park in the lot and look for the trail head at the corner of the lot.
(Note: if you end up at the playground/ball field lot, you can still get to this trail)

Once on the paved trail, pass the park rules sign and enter the woods.
As soon as you enter the woods there is a fork in the trail.
Choose to go left.

Very shortly after this choice, you hit another fork.
Choose left again.

Follow the path till the pavement ends and a wood path with rails begins.
From the railing, turn around and retreat 28 paces till you see a fallen tree now on your left.

Stay to the right of the tree as you follow it till its end.

Once at the end or the tree, continue in the same direction 25 paces up the hill to the base of a large rock outcropping at the top of the hill.

Go around the left of the rocks climbing to the top.

At the top there will be a fence on your left and the rocks on your right.

Look for a moss-covered tree growing out of the rocks leaning over the cliff.

From the tree you can see a small lake. (Enjoy the view!(& be careful!!)

While at the tree facing the lake, turn to your right where you see two large rocks stacked on top of each other. Your treasure will be under the top rock to the right.

Please hide well.

Please Note! You are now on the non protected side of the fence. We suggest that you go back from where you came and continue on your journey. The path you were on is a loop that takes you back to the first fork.
(The second fork’s right was the lake)

If you choose to follow the fence around and go down to the lake we caution you. First, you are on the cliff side of the safety fence and second there is some old barbwire (the old protective fence) still around. Use extreme caution going this way!