Thompson Park Countdown  LbNA # 2132

Placed DateApr 13 2002
LocationJamesburg, NJ
Found By the cross-tie walker
Last Found Jan 20 2013
Hike Distance?

Originally planted by PCLG. Adopted with permission.

*This series was in need of maintenance in 2008 and was restored/replanted with portions of the original clue slightly modified. It was updated again in 2009 and 2012 due to changes made to the original trail blazes and waypoints by parks personnel.

*This series "counts down" from the first box (box #4) to the last box (box#1). Please log accordingly.


Hike: Moderate - Approx. 2 hours. Not recommended for small children.

Terrain: Woodland dirt paths with some moderate hills and elevation changes. While most of the paths are well worn, they can get rather muddy and slippery in wet weather and some spots may become slightly overgrown in the warmer months. Some off trail walking involved. Some trails can get tight with 'drop offs' on the side. Watch for mountain bikers and the occasional horse. Plan accordingly.


Park your car by the lake, at the bottom of the sleigh riding hill. Go over the hill, staying on the east side of the open field. You will find the entrance into the woods at the end of the field, towards the east, where the two tree lines meet in the corner. Enter the green trail at the corner with the green blazed tree. At the fork, go left onto a trail with occassional faded purple blazes; (The left fork has some cut branches that were placed horizontally across it for approx 50 ft or so, but the trail continues afterward. This trail has not recently been maintained but is still passable) then, at the T, go left again. Go to the last tree with two paint blazes (light blue and green) near where the iron horse jumps over the water. With your back to the paint sight 280 degrees and take 18 steps to a tree with a long vertical slit in the front. The box (#4) is at the rear under some forest debris and a flat piece of metal.

Go back to the T and follow the trail you have not explored yet. At the next intersection, take the trail at 254°. Cross the short and then the long bridges. Go up in the direction of the yellow blazes to the left and follow this larger trail uphill and along the curve. At the sideways T take the trail at 248°. Find the big tree coming out of its skin near the top of the hill on the left. Stand on the SE side of the tree and walk 23 steps at 240° to a tree with a black painted square (which covers a faded orange paint marker that used to be visible). From that tree go approx 37 steps at 220°. Box (#3) is hidden by a tree with a small stump next to it.

Go back uphill and continue to the left on the orange trail and at the next T take the yellow trail at 235°. Soon after, take a trail to the left which will have both yellow and red blazes on it. Shortly you will enter into a clearing in the trees. (At the edge of the woods, you may find something useful, but not necessary to continue.) Continue straight through the clearing to the south and follow the red trail at 180 degrees. At red & light blue, stay straight and follow the blue. Stay on the blue trail across the bridges and along the stream. Follow it down the hill to the right and cross the bridge to the other side of the stream. In this area the blue trail markers (and trail) are not always immediately visible, just stay near the stream and you will find them. When you reach where the small stream flows into a larger one , you will also be at another meeting of the blue and red trails. (You will also have just stepped past a good size fallen tree on the left which sticks slightly into the trail). At this point, turn right on red. Head uphill where Hayden (box#2) has been waiting for you, a little up the road on the right, since June 17.

After visiting with Hayden, go back to the interection of red & blue trails and go across the small stream. There is a small plank of wood here but even if it is missing, it is easy enough the cross. Once on the other side, you will see the trail blazes showing red heading uphill to the left and blue going off to the right. Follow the blue. When blue runs into yellow, Turn right onto yellow. Follow yellow and turn right downhill to cross the familiar bridge. Once across, take the green trail directly to the north. At the park road (not trail!), turn right. As you reach the big clearing, leave the road and follow the edge of the woods at 100°. At the other side of the clearing, almost at the corner, a small barely noticeable unmarked path on your right enters the woods. There is a circular green trail marker on a tree here – as well as green paint. Enter the 'deer type' path behind this tree. Follow it for 20 steps to a 3 trunk tree close by on your right. From that tree walk 28 steps at 150° to a 2 trunk tree. From this tree walk 9 steps at 110° to a downed tree with a hump in the middle. (Can be little tough to see when the foliage is grown in.) The final box (#1) is tucked under the end of the downed tree. Head back out to the clearing. From here you will see familiar surroundings to lead you back to the parking area.

These boxes have been hidden well to keep them safe. Please rehide them where you found them. Please do not let children rehide boxes without assistance. Steps are single and are based on an average step - not long strides. As stated earlier, there are moderate hills and elevation changes on this hike. Plan accordingly.