MT: Walkin  LbNA # 21320

Placed DateApr 9 2006
LocationAshland City, TN
Found By DS
Last Found Nov 27 2010
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 28 2015

****Violet has been picked, but the other flowers are fine.****

To get to Cheatham Lake Wildlife Management Area,
From Nashville:
Take I-40 West to Exit 204B (155 or Briley Parkway).
Turn right (or go north) on 155 about 3 miles
Take exit 24 which is TN-12.
Turn left (or go north) on TN-12 through Ashland City.
Just North of Ashland City, turn left on Chapmansboro Rd.
The Area is about half a mile on the right.

Park and start out on the Cumberland River Bicentennial Trail at Mark's Creek Trailhead. This is a 5+ mile paved trail, level, perfect for walking or biking. These clues take you 2 miles out on this straight level paved path. Don't forget you now have to walk the 2 miles back to your car. We saw tons of butterflies when we planted these boxes. Watch out for snakes though (as always).

1. Iris - Faith, Hope

About 0.3 mile on the trail you come to a picnic table on the left (swamp side). 170 steps past the picnic table you come to a thick double tree on the right (rocky cliff side). In front of this double tree are 3 big rocks tipped up against each other. Just one of the rocks is small enough to move. Move that rock and the box is tucked between the other two rocks.

2. Zinnia - Goodness

Turkey Junction native garden is at about the 1 mile point. There is a bridge (old railroad trestle) by this native garden area. When the bridge is in sight, you will come to a crude railroad tie bench and a green sign post with no sign on it. Backtrack 50 steps from the green sign post and come to a cluster of 5 trees and several chopped off trees on the rocky cliff side of the path. The letterbox is among the roots of this cluster of trees.

3. Violet - Modesty

Pass the native garden, pass the bridge by the native garden, continue down the paved path. The next bridge is at about the 1.3 mile point. Count 50 steps past the last wood plank of the briedge. Find the tree on the right that is bewteen 2 stumps. The box is in the roots of this tree.

4. Tiger Lily - Wealth, Pride

Continue down the paved path. The next bridge is at 1.8 miles. Count 35 steps past the last wood plank of the bridge. Step off the path on the right, 10 steps. The box is tucked in between a double tree.