Buhl Park  LbNA # 2134 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 1 2003
LocationSharon, PA
Found By kilroy
Last Found Dec 26 2003
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Last EditedDec 16 2015

Placed by: SamasinArlo 5/1/2003
Maintained: 02/14/04 - in good condition.
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Difficulty: EASY – may take 30 min to walk one way. If you are familiar with the park, you can skip to points farther along (but what fun is that???)

Directions: Buhl Farm Park is located on Buhl Blvd.
If you are coming from out of town, find Business Rt. 62 that connects Sharon and Hermitage. This road is also known as E. State St. There is a Country Fair Market on the corner of E. State St and Buhl Blvd.

- Enter the park from Buhl Blvd.
- At the STOP sign, wave Hi to Frank and Julia to the left standing in the circle.
- Continue ‘straight’ with baseball field on your left.
- At the next stop sign, bear right. The Frank Koehler Memorial Rock Rock will be on your right.
- Now watch for the parking lot on the left. You will be parking there. To get there, turn left at the next (third) stop sign. You will see the Sharon Country Club to the West, and the Tennis courts to the North.

If you are walking:
- From the big tree on the SE corner of the parking lot, look 120 degrees. You should spot a small bridge with rough logs as guard rails. Go there.
- Head East on the paved path.
- You can exercise at 6 and 7.
- When you reach 5, look 50 degrees, find the flag pole. Go there.
- From the flag pole, look 70 degrees to see a “kiddie climbing heaven”. Go there.
- While reading about Dr. and Mrs. Lartz, spot a single evergreen at 70 degrees. Go there.
- From the evergreen, look East and up the hill to the perfect bridal photo op. There’s even handicapped parking nearby! Go there.
- From the very front of the gazebo (looking west), lean against the NW support beam. Line up the “fusion” tree at 330 degrees. The “fusion” tree looks like it started out as a bunch of single trees, but they grew together. The “fusion” tree is across the park road, but stands by itself. Go there.
- From the South side of the “fusion” tree, look 90 degrees to find a path leading into a grove of evergreen trees.
- Walk into the grove, but stop at the first tree on the right side of the path.
- At 150 degrees another large fir - approximately 12 paces.
- That which you seek is “buried” on the East side of this tree.

CAREFUL: This park is BUSY. Please move away from the area while you “stamp up”.

If you are biking:
- Buhl Park perimeter is about 3.5 miles. There are a number of other roads cutting through the park with little or no car traffic. Great place to ride with the kids.
- From the parking lot, ride back towards the entrance (the way you came in).
- When you see the backs of Frank and Julia, bear left (East).
- Follow the road along the perimeter of the park bearing right whenever the road Y’s.
- When you find yourself pumping uphill, look to the left (North). You should see the perfect bridal photo op. The handicapped parking area is to the west.
- Now follow the instructions from the walking section, because I’m not going to retype them! .
- Have fun!

Do NOT ride bikes on the grass. The Park Police will NAB you!

Driving through the park:
Follow posted speed (20mph) and STOP signs. The Buhl Park Security guards are like State Patrol wannabes. They DO ticket for speeding and WILL put on their flashing red lights to stop you if you “roll” through stop signs. (can’t really blame them – LOTS of families with kids use the park, but sheesh!)

Don’t miss FREE GOLF: Buhl Farm Park is the only FREE golf course in the country! Most of the holes are par 3 or par 4 with fairway lengths between 200-350 yards. It was extended from 9 holes to 12 holes several years ago. Bring your clubs (or if you’re like me, your club-singular. I have a five iron and a putter)! All you have to do is sign in, there are no reservations. The wait for T-time is usually an hour, BUT IT IS FREE! No carts- all walking!

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