The Great Pezzy Road Show  LbNA # 21344

Placed DateMar 28 2006
Location???, MY
Planted Bythepezgroup    
Found By ???
Last Found Nov 18 2012
Hike Distance?

Introducing The Great Pezzy Road Show. Coming to a neighborhood near you. Where? Route 1 on the eastcoast from Florida to Maine. The plan is to eventually have pez related stamps along route 1 (or easy access from) running from Key West, Florida to Fort Kent, Maine on the Canadian border. If you would like to help in this endeavor please contact us at atlas quest.


State #8 Pennsylvania
Box Name - The Shroomy Pez
carver - Lightnin' Bug
Time to Letterbox -
Location -
Clue - In Pennsylvania along US Route 1, there is the town that bills itself the Mushroom Capital of the World. Therein is a park named after the first real name of Potsie from happy days and the real last name of "Tricky Dick." From US 1, go South on the highway whose numerals are 1 plus nine squared. Turn left onto Leslie Road and park behind the baseball field.

A trail departs 70° from a post in the NE corner of the lot, which is behind left-center field. There are lots of interesting little signs describing these unique woods, and you would be served by reading them as you pass through. Take the boardwalk and cross the creek and go left when the trail forks.

From the signpost of the Beech Tree named after this town, go 290°, 5 paces to this tree. There is something here, but not what you seek. Your tree of the same species is at 335°, 7 paces from here. Find the SPOR facing US 1.


State #12 Rhode Island
Box Name - Quahog Pez
Carver - Warrior Woman
Time to Letterbox - 10 minutes
Location - North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Rt 1 SB
New clues effective June 17, 2008:

Clue - Traveling along Rt 1 N: Take the exit at the
light to Rt 4 N. Just after you get onto Rt 4 N, take
the first U turn crossover to put yourself on Rt 4 S.
Follow Rt 4 S as it merges into Rt 1 S. Traveling
along Rt 1 S: Keep your eyes peeled just after the
light at the Rt 4/Rt 1 merge.

Almost *Immediately* after the light at the Rt 4/Rt 1
merge, take a right onto Silver Lake Road and pull
into the Silver Lake Fishing Area. Stand facing the
brown DEM sign, and you'll notice just ahead of you
and slightly to the right a small footbridge. Walk to
the beginning of the footbridge and reach under the
boardwalk for "Quahog Pez".


State #13 Massachutes
Box Name - Pumpkin Pez
Carver - plan b
Time to Letterbox - 10 minutes
Location - Topsfield, Massachutes
Clue - Topsfield Ma is home to the Topsfield Fair, one the of the oldest agricultural fairs in the country. One of the attractions is the giant pumpkin contest, with pumpkins weighing over 1000 pounds! The fair runs the first 2 weeks of October is the area is VERY busy at that time.
To find Pumpkin Pez park at the Essex County Co-op located across from the main gate of the fair (On Rte 1,obviously!). Follow the Co-ops wood rail fence to its southern end. From the end of the fence look for a concrete marker. Take 16 paces from the concrete marker and look for a tree with a rock in front of it. You will find the letterbox in the hollow on the north side of the tree.
Do be aware of the poison ivy in the area!
Bring an orange and green marker.


State #14 New Hampshire
Box Name - Maharajah pfefferminz
Carver - uneksia
Time to Letterbox - 10 minutes

Location - Portsmouth, New Hampshire The Urban Forest Center
Clue - Going down Route 1 you will turn onto Elwyn Road, which is across from Market Basket. Not even a block down you will find the Urban Forest Center. Park in the first parking lot and find the mailbox that says Wetlands Salt Marsh. Follow this trail to the cemetery. You will see a 5 sister tree next to the cemetery fence. With this tree on your right continue to follow the trail. When you get to the Y that forms the triangle stop at the bird hose. Look across to the forest, see the different 2 sister tree? Look behind it. This was replanted in the snow so if it is not covered well please help out! Be discreet and rehide better than you found it as this is a very busy area.


State #14 New Hampshire
Box Name -Jiminy Cricket
Carver - Beswick
Time To Letterbox - Quick
Location - Hampton Falls
Intersection of Route 1 & Route 88
Park in front of cemetery
Clue - When the band was "ramp"ing up to play - Jiminy Cricket "left" and hid just below.


State #15 Maine
Box Name - Plush Circus Horse pfefferminz
Carver - uneksia
Time to Letterbox - 2 minutes
Location - York, Maine, the base of Mount Agamenticus
Clue - You are going down Route 1 in York, Maine when you see a Visitors Center. Turn right across from it as if you are going to the Interstate 95. Follow this road till it ends and curves to the right. You are now on Chase Pond Road. Follow this road for about 3.6 miles (5-10 minutes). The road will make a broad curve to the left and is now Mountain Road. Follow this road for about 2.6 miles (about 5 minutes). Just before the road that takes you up to the top of the Mountain is a little parking area with a trail head. Park here. Go past the bulletin board and through the 2 huge logs to the trail. You will now see a tree with a natural seat on it. above this is a Nature Conservation sign telling you to stay on designated trails. Go behind this tree and look in the crevice under the rocks. Please be discreet and cover well. This is extremely close to the trail and can get busy.


State #15 Maine
Box Name - Chief
Carver - Teacup
Time To Letterbox - 0 minutes
Location - On Route 1 Between Yarmouth and Freeport
Clue - Arriving here in 1969, Rod Shutt's creation, The Chief, has been standing watch over Route One between Yarmouth and Freeport. Sit with your back to this Pennsylvania "Native" and reach over to the left. What you seek is hidden under a flat rock. Bring colorful markers and be very stealthy. The Bistro can be a busy area. Please obey the "No Parking" areas.


State #15 Maine
Box Name - Ghost Pez
Carver - Teacup
Time To Letterbox - Quick
Location - Brunswick
Clue - From Route 1 in Brunswick take the Cooks Corner exit.
At the light, turn left onto Bath Road.
Go 1.6 miles to Harding Cemetery on the right.

Find the cluster tree with 15 trunks.
Off to its right locate two pair of pine trees down near the water.
Ghost Pez is located on the water side of the farthest right pine.
Bring your own black, red and blue markers.


State #15 Maine
Box Name - Raven Pez
Carver - Teacup
Time To Letterbox - Quick
Location - Newcastle
Clue - Pull into the Sherman Lake Rest Area on Route One in Newcastle, Maine, and park near the pet exercise area. It's a beautifully scenic area and worth a few minues to gaze out over the view. From the end of the pet area take in the view which would be south down Route One. (it's actually a westerly direction) In almost a straight line will be three trees in a row. A fourth one had been cut down. Go to the one farthest away from you and find Raven nested in the roots on the lake side of the tree.
Bring black, blue, yellow and red markers and enjoy watching the red-winged black birds during your stop here.