Nutty Narrows  LbNA # 21384

Placed DateApr 13 2006
LocationLongview, WA
Found By Kurious Jo
Last Found May 15 2014
Hike Distance?

To Nutty Narrows:
The real Nutty Narrows is in Front of the Longview Public Library ( Check their hours before you come because the Nutty Narrows Letterbox is inside the Library. (Thanks to the fun Children's Librarian for allowing me to place a letterbox inside!)

You can park in front of the library along the road or in the back of the library. The Nutty Narrows spans the dangerous (to squirrels and unwary peds) Washington Way. I've never seen a squirrel use the bridge. They must, though, because I drive that way everyday and have never seen squished squirrels. Or perhaps they're smart enough to stay away from the Civic Center.

After admiring the bridge go in the library through the front doors. Go up the stairs. Look left and above the fireplace to see Longview's founder, Mr. R.A. Long. Continue on through the library, past the checkout counter and computers. Stop near the elevator. Look around for a tall, glass case with little statues & sculptures. On top of this case should be a special squirrel. If he isn't on top, he's probably nearby. ***Well, the special squirrel has been moved downstairs. So find the hidden stairs and take them down and look for a detective's desk. See the special squirrel? Now look for the crime scene near some bamboo.

****Well, Clearwater the Panda has been stolen!!! So, you will be unable to sit upon him :( I'm sure once the summer reading program is over he will be back where he should be. For now there is just some crime scene tape and some evidence left behind :) ****

Find a window down here that you can see the Nutty Narrows from. Up on top of the shelves, near a bunch of Poohs you will hopefully find the Nutty Narrows Letterbox. Please be very discreet.

Email me if you like. Enjoy! NeNe