Keep the Campfires Burning  LbNA # 21387

Placed DateApr 13 2006
LocationWinston-Salem, NC
Planted ByTincher Family    
Found By Jedi 6
Last Found Jul 1 2010
Hike Distance?

This is Box Number 3. From the point that you found Box number 2 from here return to the path that you have been walking on at Salem Lake keep walking up a small hill that curves to the left. As you walk listen to the birds. My children and I love to come here during the early Spring and Summer. Cross underneath a set of power line. Keep walking past trees that are laying in the water. Continue on the path past a small hollow stump that is on your right (it is a short hollow stump).
Go up a small hill and to your right, you'll see a "V" shaped tree that has a limb through it. Here are rocks that you can go and sit on and be near the water and rest awhile. To your left you'll see where someone has had a small campfire. Stand infront of that area, and look straight ahead and you'll see another "V" shaped tree with a rock infront of it. Walk to that tree and turn left, the lake then is going to be on your right. Walk about 29 steps, look to you left and then walk 11 steps up a hill towards the rock next to the road. Under several logs and near a rock is what you have been seeking.

From here if you are interested in looking for BOX NUMBER FOUR pull up the name of the box called, "Keep on Canoeing".

Please let me know when you find the box.

P.S> Please read below information, you might find it beneficial...
This is the first box in a series of four.
The series starts out and goes as follows: BOX 1 - "Where Trees Grow and Kids Climb", BOX 2 - "Watermelon and Ants", BOX 3 - "Keep the Campfires Burning", and then BOX 4 -"Keep on Canoeing".