Keep on Canoeing  LbNA # 21388

Placed DateApr 13 2006
LocationWinston-Salem, NC
Planted ByTincher Family    
Found By Jedi 6
Last Found Jul 1 2010
Hike Distance?

Take Business 40 WEST toward Winston Salem, North Carolina. Take Linville Road EXIT. Go Right at light and go across the bridge. Pass 2 gas stations, come around a small curve pass over Salem Lake and park on the right hand side of the road in a small parking lot (do not block the gate). Take to dirt/gravel trail belo the lot that is next to the lake. The lake is going to be on your right.

This is the fourth and last box in a series.
The series starts out and goes as follows: BOX 1 - "Where Trees Grow and Kids Climb", BOX 2 - "Watermelon and Ants", BOX 3 - "Keep the Campfires Burning", and then BOX 4 -"Keep on Canoeing".
If you have found BOX THREE called, "Keep the Campfires Burning", then continue on this path following directions below to find the last box called, Keep on Canoeing".

You have now found 3 out of 4 boxes at Salem Lake place by "The Tincher Family". Want to find one more? Keep walking on that same road and you'll pass a big root in the middle of the road. Are you tired yet? GOOD. Keep walking.
Road curves slighty around a bend look to your right and next to the lake you'll see where beavers have chewed 2 trees down. This is so cool to see how nature really works.
Keep walking you are not far now. There are bird boxes on poles in the water. You can see them from where you are standing.
Walk till you see a trash can that is chained to a tree. Look straight ahead see the road that bears a sharp right. This is where some people canoe up to and fish from their canoe.
Walk on up to where the road bears to the right. There is a gravel path that turns left - no road though. Look straight ahead and see a dirt path to your left and take that path. Once on that path go underneath the fallen tree. Follow that path, look for the fallen old rotted tree to your right and look under the roots of that , hidden by chunks of old dead wood is here that lies what you seek.

Now turn around and enjoy your walk back to your car.
Hope you had as much fun finding these 4 boxes as my children and I did placing them.

Please let me know when you find them.