Mt. Bonnell  LbNA # 214 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJun 7 2002
LocationAustin, TX
Found By Mosaic Butterfly
Last Found Oct 23 2010
Hike Distance?

This LB has been removed for maintenance. It will be replaced in 2011.

Difficulty: Kid friendly. A huge new mansion now sits atop Mt. Bonnell and obstructs the best view in Austin. The stamp now has another part - a house with the international prohibited slashed circle through it! Also, I'll Fly Away Letterbox might still be on top of Mt. Bonnell. Drive to Covert Park at Mt. Bonnell for one of the best views of Austin. Park your car and go up the stairs to the top of Mt. Bonnell. Enjoy the beautiful vista: Austin's skyline, surrounding hills, and the Colorado River. From the top of Mt. Bonnell take the southeast rocky path. Walk past the concrete picnic table and along the fence. When you come to a bare rock clearing, you'll see a green "Notice" sign and the mansion's fence. Start back down the mountain along the mansion's fence. Continue until you take a 2 foot step down. Continue down 6 steps and pass a large rocky path that goes left. Continue down 18 steps more. Take the narrow path on your left 5 steps to a 1 foot diameter cedar tree. Head 300° about 6 steps to a small oak tree, about 9 inches in diameter. At its base are some rocks covering the tree trunk's crevice in which is buried the Mt. Bonnell Letterbox. After stamping, please wedge the box in the crevice with large rocks so it won't dislodge during torrential rains. When you leave Covert Park, be sure to save time to visit the peacocks at Mayfield Park and get the two letterboxes that maybe are stil there. Then admire the local artwork and gardens at Laguna Gloria Art Museum.