Batty  LbNA # 21413 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 14 2006
LocationNacogdoches, TX
Planted ByJosephine    
Found By jb kokopelli
Last Found Jan 2 2007
Hike Distance?

*currently removed due to water* the box I used apparently leaked after nearly a year of use!!...:D So I have removed it till further notice...:D will be back soon.


Go to the Stern-Hoya Park on East Pilar Street at dusk on a warm summer's day. From the gazebo walk toward the stone steps leading up to the yellow house. Stop at the bottom of the steps and face the house. Look to the left and up, there are two large trees. The second one from the steps has a bathouse on it--go to that tree. You will have to climb up a bit of a hill to reach it. The box is to the right side of the tree, toward the back between two roots, and buried deep beneath the leaves.

About this time the bats should be leaving the bathouse and from beneath the tiles of the gazebo's roof.

*big love*