Pink Panther  LbNA # 21420 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 14 2006
LocationPittsburgh, PA
Planted Byfootball dude    
Found By letterboxing kids
Last Found Jun 21 2011
Hike Distance?

Pink Panther

You can reach Schenley park by car or by taking a bus into Oakland, getting off near the Carnegie Library and walking across the bridge toward Phipps conservatory and the park. Oakland is the home of Carenigie Library and Museums, the flower show at Phipps conservatory, and several nice paths and playgrounds. Enjoy!

Pink Panther #1

Enter Schenley Park from Oakland passing Phipps Conservatory on your right and Schenley information center on your left. Cross the Panther Hollow Bridge and make an immediate right after you cross. Park along the street near the Anderson playground.

Enter the Pedestrian Recreation Trail across from the Anderson shelter. Head right, down the hill. Pass the stone steps on your right (heading up) and on your left(heading down). Continue on the path under the Panther Hollow bridge. The path will begin heading uphill. Continue along the path with a stone wall on your right.

As the stone wall ends, you will pass an old tree stump about 8 feet tall on your left. Continue down the path.

The path curves around to the left to a small clearing. Continue under a tree leaning across the path from the left side. About 100 yards further down the trail, a large old fallen tree lies to the left of the path. Count 50 paces along the path from this tree and you will see two straight trees to the right of the path with an old branch lying between them. The panther hides at the base of the first tree.

Pink Panther #2

Continue down the path past a large stone bridge high up on your right. A low stone wall begins again on your right while the creek is below the path to the left. Follow this until you are near the end of the wall where a steep path on the left leads down toward a stone bridge. Head down this path. Just before the bridge, turn right with the bridge behind you. Take ten paces off the trail until you are between two tall trees. Your quest ends at the base of the tree on your left.

This is the first letterbox placed by my son, age 10. He came up with the idea and carved the stamps himself. Hope you enjoy it!!