Lake Idaho  LbNA # 21428 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 14 2006
LocationGarden City, ID
Found By A-Bear (&J-Bear)
Last Found Apr 21 2007
Hike Distance?


First finder artifact
Hand carved stamp

Find the intersection of 43rd and Ustick in Garden City, Idaho. I recommend the following if you’re in a vehicle … find street parking on 43rd between Ustick and Chinden. There is a business called Family Log Homes at 111 W 43rd Street and Merry Xray at 110 W. 43rd Street. Park and lock.

Next, face southwest (looking at the Boise Bench, your back to the larger mountains to the northeast) and walk toward 43rd and Ustick. At Ustick, there is a crosswalk and a boulevard. This is an uncontrolled intersection, so watch for cars as you cross Ustick to safety on the southwest side of the street. Once you reach the sidewalk, take a right and go 14 steps (7 paces) until you reach a tall mast streetlight. There you’ll take a left onto the dirt road. As you walk up the dirt road, you’ll hit a T-intections. There, you’ll see some cattails, a pond and hear the sound of red-winged blackbirds [Good sound] to your left. Take the T to your right as it gently climbs up the hill. Next, you’ll encounter a maintenance gate. If the gate isn’t open, it is easy to walk/ride a bike around. It will not be wheelchair friendly if closed, however. Next, you’ll reach the concrete lined canal embankment.

The canal runs roughly southeast to northwest. So you’ll stroll along the northeast bank in a northwestly direction. LEFT: canal (maybe with ducks)/hill (with sage), powerline, Mountain View Drive at top of bench. MIDDLE: you on dirt road RIGHT: small cottonwoods, light posts, guardrail, sidewalk, Ustick Drive. As you continue, notice your path flattens as Ustick climbs to your right. On your left, you’ll see a small maintenance ramp going into the canal. At the same spot, you’ll see a retaining wall and a pile of cobble to your right. Also, as you face ahead, you’ll see two overpasses across the canal.

The first one is for the old Ustick Road, the second is larger and higher for the new Ustick Road. Stroll along until your dirt road meets asphalt. There are three jersey barriers on the asphalt. Walk through the opening and cross overpass #1. Once you’re across, pause to find a footpath with 14 wood steps heading up to the top of the rim. Walk to the start of the path taking 16 steps (8 paces). At the base of the trail, you’ll have a guardrail to your left and remnants of a retaining wall to your right. The old retaining wall increases in height. Count the jogs …1, 2, 3, 4. Between the 3rd and 4th jogs, face your body to the wall, look over and peek at a stone pit. Lake Idaho is below this pit.