Jagolinzer  LbNA # 21438

Placed DateApr 9 2006
LocationLimington, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

The Jagolinzer Preserve Trail starts on the north side of route 25, 0.4 miles west of the intersection where 117 splits off. You are almost certain to miss it the first time; the sign is very small, and logging operations have been ongoing here for the last three years, at least. Look for the logging and road building activity; currently (April 2006) there is a gold and brown Century 21 real estate sign near the small preserve sign.
Walk along the stone wall on your left. Note the far back corner of the farm field. Just to get your bearings, you will be walking along the woods path to about this area. A spring starts there which comes down to feed Pease Brook right next to the waterfall. The right of way takes a left through the stonewall and takes you to the preserve boundary and another sign in a few minutes. The trail splits here, both ends of a possible loop. Take the left and you soon head down hill slightly, level off, then start to head down again, where the trail turns right and the falls can be heard. Look here, at the top of this “hill” for a narrow trail on your left. It is marked with orange diamonds painted on the trees. Some of the marks are faint, but are easier seen on the backs of the trees (you can just peek over your shoulder to assure yourself that you are on the correct path. A small, precarious cairn has also been set up here.
If you walk this in the morning, sunlight will strike the clear water of the falls and create an even more picturesque scene. Before the path drops and turns right along the river, find a large haggard tree just off the path on your left. Walk over to the small hollow in its base (looks like a perfect hiding spot.) Now turn around and look at the base of the small birch tree here. The box lies under some stone and bark.
The orange blazes follow Pease Brook downstream to its joining with the Saco, at a site that appears to have been a bridge ages past. From here, the trail is harder to follow. Cross a plank bridge and watch for orange flagging tape. Two or more pieces on a tree signify a turn in the trail. In the next couple of minutes, the trail takes a hard right, then two lefts and winds up near the Saco River again, where one can see and hear rapids in the distance. (You will also pass an orange blazed trail on your right. This trail completes a loop, and takes you back to the sign at the beginning.) Just past where you get a glimpse of the rapids on the Saco, a large vernal pool and creek are full of wood frogs and eggs in April. While the pool remains and before the bugs come out, this can be a fun place to explore.
You can retrace your steps back to your car or if you can take the orange blazed trail on your left on the way back. For more info, visit http://www.pivot.net/~whaleback/fsht/jagolinzer.html

Bring some blue ink(s), and Enjoy!