bogart in lilac  LbNA # 21440

Placed DateApr 6 2005
LocationSaco, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

My Grandma Anna used to tell me stories about walking this area when she was a kid. Honestly, it may have been another area; Grama An was always mixing things up. Driving in from the south, park at an almost hidden gravel parking spot, immediately before a “Blind Driveway” sign, on a road named for a famous American president. This trail is poorly maintained, and is wet all year; portions are often underwater and require circling around or outright avoidance like my Anna (Gram). Still, fewer than ten minutes of walking are required to reach the LB.
Walk/wade several minutes, passing over a narrow wood plank "boardwalk", where the trail is under lots of water. In July, this is quite overgrown. About thirty paces later look carefully for a branch in the trail on your right. The trail is faint at first, and cuts through low ferns, bunchberry, and blueberry. If you pause and look, you will see a white blaze on a tree here. This is the return end of a loop, if you miss this turn, you will wind up here anyways.Take the right hand path which leads over a boardwalk contructed of two parallel boards, then another made up of seven of these. You can calibrate your paces on the long section of “boardwalk”; call it thirty six steps. Walk (or hop if muddy) through the next section until the ground firms up. Find the pine on the left with a white blaze (the first blaze here, on the left - the pine has a white blaze on both sides of it.) From here take ten steps, turn to your left and take fourteen more to the 3' tall stump. This stump stands by itself and is obvious from the trail. You will not have to step on a single twig or green leaf to reach it. The letterbox is hidden behind under a flat, rectangular stone. Please rehide well, and enjoy.
Last checked 7/9/06