Spring Flower Trail  LbNA # 21441 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerBlue Butterfly      
Placed DateApr 14 2006
LocationTatum, TX
Found By silverhalos
Last Found Mar 10 2011
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Spring Flower Trail

Spring Flower Trail Series

The idea for this series came from a co-worker of mine who is not a boxer, but does understand it. Since Letterboxer’s are about the nicest people around, I decided to give each of you a bouquet of flowers that will last forever. Hope you enjoy the hunt and the stamps.

Enter Park and get a map. Find the Amphitheater and park.
Cross the road to the Martin Creek Lake Trail. There are hiking and biking trails so be careful of bikers. Distance: 1.2 miles round trip BEWARE OF SNAKES!! You will need bug spray.

From the Foot Traffic Only sign, walk 20 steps to
Bike Trail. Go right.. From the Bike Trail sign, walk 96 steps to the mile marker sign. Continue 59 steps. On the left, 7 steps off trail is a pine tree with two small trees growing with it. The box is behind the tree at it’s base.

Head back to main trail and go right. Follow trail until you come to a trail that goes left. Stay on the main trail and walk 14 steps. Look to your right. 14 steps off the trail is a log with a small tree growing behind it. Face the tree and look behind the log to the right of the tree is the box.

Blackeye Susan
After stamping in the Oxalis Box, continue heading down the trail. At the “Y” go right. Continue to an intersection of trails. Bear right. With the hiker marker on your left, go 29 steps. Look to the right. Off the trail there is a pine tree with a small trunk growing out from it. Box is behind the tree.

Continue on the trail, going around the bend to the left. You will come to a small clearing. Go left and walk to the hiker sign at the head of the trail. On your left will be a large pine tree. 4 steps directly behind it is another pine tree. The box is hidden behind this tree.

Continue down the trail until you come to a bridge. After crossing the bridge, you will come to another Hiker Marker walk 141 You will be standing on the trail between two logs. Continue 29 steps to a pile of logs and debris on left. Stand at the end of the log that is closest to the trail and take 30 steps. Look to your left off the trail 3 steps is a log. The box is behind the log on the west end.

Now that you have stamped in the Harebell Box, it is time to go find the Rose. Continue on the trail until you come to a tree that has fallen over the trail that you can walk under. On the left is a sign that reads: Henderson/Board Ferry Road. Go left on hiking trail. Keep right on trail where there is a Hiker Marker and a small post on the ground with a “10” on it. From the “10” walk 26 steps to a small post that says “20”. Walk 30 more steps to a log that is perpendicular to the trail. From the trail, take 13 steps to the other end of the log. The box is on the left side of the log, about 2.5 feet from the end of log.

Final Box: Pot
You need to put all these flowers in there pot so, continue down trail with the lake on your right. Until you come to a bench. From end of bench, go 6 steps. Look left, there is a large tree 12 steps off the trail. The box is on the left side of the tree at it’s base.

Don’t forget to stamp in Barefoot Lucy’s “The Only Ringtail…..” and Lucy Locket’s “Coffee Break” They are both in this park. Also, my “Harmony Hill” box is right before the entrance of the Park.