Belle's Bell  LbNA # 21466

Placed DateApr 16 2006
LocationPittsburgh, PA
Planted Byithacabelle    
Found By Wild Roo's Crew
Last Found Aug 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Take Reynolds Street toward Frick Park. You will get to a circle in the road. Go halfway around the circle so that you are continuing in the same direction you were heading. You will see a stone gate to Frick Park on your right and the Frick Museum of Art is just ahead on the left.

Park just past the fire hydrant on your right and walk onto the grass. You'll see a fallen log just by a path.

Make a right on the path. Soon you will see a rusted chain link fence on your left with a bird house on the tree behind it.

At the fork, stay left. Another birdhouse tops the fence.

Stay on the path as it curves to the left. You will see MacDonald in front of you.

Soon you will come to a path on your left that starts at a yellow gate. Head down the path.

In about 100 yards, a tree on the right arches over the path.

Leave the path on the right and there is a cement block between the arching tree and another tree behind it.

Under the block is what you seek.