MT: Red  LbNA # 21467

Placed DateApr 15 2006
LocationAshland City, TN
Found By DS
Last Found Mar 18 2012
Hike Distance?

****Bells of Ireland is missing, the others are ok.****

To get to Beaman Park, from Nashville:
Take I-40 West to Exit 204B (155 or Briley Parkway).
Turn right (or go north) on 155 about 3 miles
Take exit 24 which is TN-12.
Turn right (or go south) on TN-12 about 1/2 mile.
Left on Eatons Creek Rd for 5 miles.
Left on Little Marrow Bone Rd.
Beaman Park 1/2 mile on the left.
Park by the Highland Trail head.

1. MT: Forsythia - Anticipation

Take the Ridgetop Trail (the red blazes). This is a moderate trail that goes 2.2 miles out into the woods (you have to walk the 2.2 miles back). When you get to the trail marker at 90 yards, go straight. At about 1/3 of a mile, the red and white trail splits. At this 4-way intersection, turn right onto the Shortcut to the Ridgetop Trail. Shortly you get to a big tree with its mouth open and a different tree that has fallen over the path. From this fallen tree, count 45 steps further on the path. Go off the path to the left, about 10 steps up the hill to a tree. The box is in the roots of this tree ,covered by a rock.

fyi, we saw a snake further down this shortcut path. I tried to look it up on the internet to see what kind it was, but I didn't like sorting through all the pics of snakes, so, uumm.. as always, be careful.

2. MT: Bells of Ireland - Good Luck

Continue on the path. After about 1/2 on the shortcut trail, you get back to the main red trail. Turn right and continue on the main red trail to the very end. You will reach the Ridgetop Trail Turnaround, which has 4 benches, and a big tree at the very end. The box is behind the big tree covered by a rock.

fyi, just between you and me, it seemed like the trail was longer than 2.2 miles to me. So, just bring water.

3. MT: Geranium - Comfort

Now turn back around and head the 2.2 miles back to the trail head and your car. After about 1/2 mile you come to 3 big trees growing together next to the path on the right, one of the three has a red trail blaze. The letterbox is under a slender double tree on the opposite side of the path, and 7 steps back toward the Trail Turnaround, covered by a rock.

4. MT: Marigold - Affection

Continue in the direction of the Trailhead and your car. When you get to where the shortcut turns off the main Ridgetop Trail, take the main Ridgetop Trail (not the shortcut this time). Pass the Keep Out Service Road Only Sign. (Don't go that way). Continuing on the path towards your car, go about 1/4 mile more and get to a 7 in 1 tree on the right. The box is in the center of the 7 trunks.