Runic Letterbox  LbNA # 21468

Placed DateApr 15 2006
LocationScarborough, ME
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Four and one half miles from route one is a place where Fuller’s earth once provided a source of sustenance and income. Now those with pets, fishing rods, and stamp pads visit the land.
Walk to the rear of the field, to the right of a small island of trees, to a place where three small white signs point three ways to go. Maybe the grass is too high here in the summer. In that case, a trail starts from the parking lot, parallels the road, crosses the covered bridge, and skirts the edge of the field. If taking this trail, stay straight where a trail branches right, away from the field. In time, you will come to the three-way intersection.
From the three signs, take the trail into the woods, away from the field. Follow this trail until you reach the bridge over the cascades. The prettiest way to approach the cascades is the longer route which starts at the far left corner of the field (a more adventurous walk, too.) It is easier to just walk up past the bridge, turn around and walk back, enjoying the view from the heights through the trees.
To find this box, stand at the SW corner post of the bridge (first left hand post if coming from the easier way.) Six paces west will bring you to the rear of a tree with a double trunk tree on its right. Search in the ground under a flat stone behind the single trunk.

Bring some ink (maybe light blue, but feel free…), and Enjoy!

P.S. The original, non-tradtional stamp may not mark well, if you are using dye-based instead of pigment-based ink. I have added a traditional stamp (a bit rough, possibly the first I ever carved) to the box. What the heck, you can now claim 2 finds from one box if you wish!