On The Lake #2-New Location  LbNA # 21473

Placed DateApr 29 2006
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By The Wright Sisters
Last Found Sep 10 2007
Hike Distance?

"On The Lake" Burr Oak Lake

The trail to this letterbox is narrow and can be muddy and slippery if it has rained recently. You may want to wear old shoes, some bug repellent and be careful of the path and snakes.

From Lancaster, Ohio-(about 30 miles) travel south on 33 past Logan and through Nelsonville. At the other end of Nelsonville, turn left on Route 78. (You should get in the left turning lane at the traffic light where there is a BP station ahead on your left and a Sonic burger joint on your right.)

Follow 78 through (about 10 miles)3 small towns(Buchtel, Murray City, and Hollister) until you reach Glouster.
At the red light, turn left to stay on 78. Driving through this small town, the buildings remind me of an old Western movie.
When you reach the end of the town, 78 curves to the right. There should be signs directing you to Dock 1 on Burr Oak Lake. About 2 miles past the railroad tracks, you enter a small town? of Bishopville. Past the sharp right turn, the road to Dock 1 will appear to your left. (The old Abandoned Burr Oak Kream Cone is right beside the road.)
Drive past the marina to the very end of the parking lot and park.
Past the floating docks, you should see a row of pontoons at the tie docks with a gravel path to reach them (provided it hasn't flooded). When you reach the end of this path, you should see a trail to your left marked "Back Pack Trail". The smaller marker says "Buckeye Trail". Follow several trees marked with blue and yellow. This trail is narrow with a steep drop off toward the lake so be careful! When the trail goes down a hill, there should be a forked tree on the right marked with blue and yellow on both sides. This tree has a small mossy cave at it's base. "On The Lake" #1 was hanging out here. It seemed like such a lovely home too. But something or someone didn't want it to be here. So along came "On the Lake" # 2. From the home of the first one, keep following the path for about 35 paces/ 1 minute. There should be a big leaning tree to your left about 8-10 feet off the path with several caves in it's roots. If you climb up to it and look under the flat rock to the right of the "root caves", you will find the stamp.

Hope you enjoy the view. Please place everything back better than found and check out the stamps at the Pioneer Burial Site while you're down this way! It's a pretty cool place. Be safe/have fun!!