Big Bug/ Pioneer Burial Site  LbNA # 21477

Placed DateApr 15 2006
LocationGlouster, OH
Found By mountainboysmama
Last Found Aug 15 2008
Hike Distance?

Burr Oak Lake (2 boxes/3 stamps)The trail to these letterboxes can be muddy and slippery. You may want to wear old shoes, some insect repellent, and be careful of the path and snakes. This one's quite a hike.

From Lancaster, Ohio--(about 30 miles) travel south on 33 past Logan and through Nelsonville. At the other end of Nelsonville, turn left onto Route 78. (You should get in the left turning lane at the light where there is a BP station ahead to your left and a Sonic burger joint ahead to your right.)
Follow 78 (about 10 miles) through 3 small towns (Buchtel, Murray City and Hollister) until you come to Glouster.
At the red light, turn left to stay on 78. Check out the old Western movie style buildings while you cruise through Glouster. When you reach the end of town, go to your left onto State Route 13. Travel about 3 miles. You'll see a sign for the Tom Jenkins Dam. Turn right and follow the dam signs. (not meant how it sounded)

"Big Bug"
Once you park, walk along the paved path toward the dam. You should be facing the woods at a grass circle with a chain to your left and a chain to your right. Step over the chain to your left and walk toward the lake. Follow the wide grassy path to your right(about 5 minutes). Enjoy the tall pines and the lake to your left.
You should arrive at an opening with old concrete walls to your right with a red danger sign.
Cross over the opening and enter the woods. The path starts with a tree on the right marked blue and yellow.(about 3-4 minutes) Following the marked trees, you will find a tree on your left marked red, yellow and blue with a red fence post beside it. 15 paces ahead, you will find a 3-trunked tree on the left side of the path. Past this tree, there's a 2-trunked tree also on the left. Pass the flat rock on the right side of the trail. There's a fallen tree that lays on a huge rock to the left. The tree has been cut away to let you through. Past this-the second blue/yellow/red marked tree is also marked: Ed, Vic, Cub 98. "Big Bug" hides under Chuck's 03. You may want to use a stick to reach Big Bug-just in case some critter has moved in with her. Please place back as found and hop back onto the path.

Pioneer Burial Site/Katiebug

Travel on for about 5-7 minutes. You will find a huge tree on your left marked blue and faded yellow. 3 paces past this tree on the right, a younger tree marked yellow and red bends over the path. From this tree travel NE 8 paces(off main path) to a 3-trunked tree marked faded gray. (Looking past this tree, you'll see a huge mess of a fallen tree) From the 3-trunked tree, travel 6 paces to your left to a small tree also marked faded gray. You should now be on the forgotten path marked by several more faded gray trees. Follow this path(2-3 minutes)and you'll find yourself standing among seven wooden crosses guarded by a spooky looking tree. On the back side of the spooky tree, there's a small hole in the base of the tree. Under this hole, buried in the earth by leaves and bark, my tribute to the Pioneer Burial Site awaits. There's a bonus Katiebug stamp with it. I hope you enjoyed the hike and the beautiful scenery. Please replace better than found. Be safe/ have fun!