Cooper Mill  LbNA # 2148

Placed DateJul 15 2001
LocationChester, NJ
Planted Bysee joy    
Found By PaddockFamily
Last Found Oct 20 2013
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Cooper Mill (2)
Chester, NJ Morris County
Planted 7-15-01

Rated: Moderate, 4 mile circuit hike. An outstanding location!!

Directions: From North>Rt.80 to Rt.206 S. to Rt.513 W. in Chester.
From South>Rt.78 to Rt.287 N. to 206 N. to Rt.513 W.

Park in the lot at Cooper Mill County Park. Head towards the stone mill, this one works, pay $2- to take the guided tour. Open most weekends. There is a lot of history here in this old "Milltown". The "light blue" trail begins at the back of the mill, wooden steps lead the way.

"Kay's Place" #1

Follow the Black River over the trail that includes roots, multi-colored mushrooms and wooden foot bridges!
At two "blues" go left following the Hacklebarney Branch (they said it was here...)
Kay's Pond is an excellent place to view water birds. Take the time to walk to the edge of the spill way when you get there, can you see the Ice House through the branches?
Bear left at the gates and two "blues". What color is the water?
On this winding trail bear right at the "Y". When you reach the "up and down" crescent go down to the bridge, pause, meditate on Nature's beauty.
Then up the hill and follow the road to where it goes...
Who'd have thought...
Step down, down, down to another day, another world. "Hepburn" would have liked it here on the patio, and when the curtains moved in the breeze...
Hear the Hawk cry?
Now, count the steps down to the water and through, Wow!. I wonder who walked in last...
Through the arch, up the stairs, follow the path along the river to where it "fills your ears", as the sound starts to fade look for where the water "went". It's where you need to be.
In the middle of the "tall walls", take a bearing of 280, 10 paces towards
the leaning tree and to a single rock ledge. A "V" tree is on your left.
Now, look for the "iron ore".
After stamping in and re-rocking the box, continue up hill to the "road" and retrace your steps to the bridge.
Up hill to the "Y", at double "red", turn left if you want to return to your car....or....

"Kay's Place" #2
(a walk-by that closes the circuit)

Turn right, up hill to single "red". Go left "around" and follow single
"red", see the furnace on the left?
Stay on the gravel path, single "blue/red". Between the wooden posts come upon "Hidden River Farm", the home Alfred and Elizabeth built in 1924.
Look around, there are many "treasures" here. "E" loved flowers and birds and Nature wild...
Back track after checking it out and bear right at double "blue/red" to grass trail, single "blue".
Pass the old rounded stone wall, down trail alittle ways to a "huge" Tulip tree on the left.
You know what to do.
Continue down trail, at "Y", double "blue", turn right retracing your steps to the Black River and returning to Cooper Mill.

See Joy and her 'boxing pal..