My Neighbor Totoro  LbNA # 21480

OwnerThe Weathergleams    
Placed DateApr 16 2006
Location???, ME
Found By ???
Last Found Oct 30 2007
Hike Distance?

For the kid in everyone...

1. "We saw a _____bus".
2. Catching a sprite blackens your _____.
3. The gollywollypogs' home, only bigger.
4. Dad's message: people lived in harmony with _____.
5. Keep safe.
6. Totoros fly on _____.
7. Little sister's first initial.

Get a map online; you're new here. Park and explore - Dad's going to be busy with the movers for awhile and there's probably a nice old granny nearby if you need anything. Check out the pool first. Pretty neat, hunh? What was that? Something white is leading you down the trail toward the toothy engineer's loop. You'll soon come to two small pools. Stop at the second one, by a white blazed triplet on the right. Behind is a hollow birch and a smaller tree by the edge. Did that little guy scoot under the ledge? Carefully look for his secret hiding place.

Cross the road and continue as before. It's a nice walk. Wait - who's that fellow with the sack? He went down and to the left at the white and yellow blaze near the busy one's sign. At the broken trio, take 21 steps to the right to the big tree. Go where Mei did. Enjoy the scenary with your new friend.

Time to walk on some more, beyond the captive water; rapidly, you might say. Listen - there's a sound in the tall trees - is it music? You're almost there. When the big rock is blazed white and the white birch is blue, stop. The arrowhead conceals him, but if you are lucky and kind, you may meet the King of the Forest and share this special place and time.

Please be smart, stealthy, and rehide carefully, so that nothing shows at all. Have a great time and be back by supper.

The Weathergleams