Kelton Ramp  LbNA # 21486

Placed DateApr 16 2006
LocationBoise.Columbia "Village", ID
Found By rydeswitheagles
Last Found Jul 3 2010
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Interested in Oregon Trail History? This will be very cool for you, if so. One VERY COOL thing about this walk is that you can see the ACTUAL WAGON RUTS of the Oregon Trail. There are restrooms there, and small shade trees in summer.

From I84, find Hwy 21 North (I am told the exit is named "Gowen"]. This is quite close to the main 84 artery, and could be a great rest stop for passers-through!

Once you are on Hwy 21 heading North-ish, you will want to look for "LAKE FOREST DRIVE" (about 2-3 miles from freeway)
If you get to the Boise RIVER, you have gone too far.

Take a LEFT onto Lake Forest Drive... it will bring you into a subdivision, have faith that this will be pretty cool though.

After NO MORE THAN three-quarters of a mile, (address is 5000 E. Lake Forest Dr.) find parking area for the "Oregon Trail State Historic Preserve" on your right.

Read the signs there at the trailhead to get yourself to the "Kelton Ramp Overlook", which will be roughly NE. (Keep alert for the wagon ruts between the maintained trails)

Now you are at the Kelton Ramp Overlook. Read all about it! Very cool (and try to ignore all the "development" below).
Imagine what it must have been like with a huge prarie schooner heading down that ramp! Crazy!
Looking DOWN THE RAMP to the west, you will see a sign that says "Foot traffic only".
37 steps West down ramp from this sign. On your left.

1. PLEASE rehide well. It took some doing to hide this properly.
2. RATTLE-SNAKE Territory! BE CAREFUL in the hot season. Wear gloves or use a stick first.
3. This hike is MAYBE a mile round trip.

From here, you might want to check out "Wagons' West". If you're good with details you COULD walk there from here. You could also drive a little further west and park at the next trailhead lot.

Have fun and tell us how you do!