What day?  LbNA # 21487 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 16 2006
LocationHyde Park, Boise, ID
Found By Blackvelvetrav
Last Found Apr 17 2006
Hike Distance?

Placed in honor of the summery-season start up...

We did not make this stamp, we found it on a whim at a craft store and thought it would be fun to have it placed at an ice cream shoppe!

Do you want a great burrito for lunch at "La Parilla"? Or would you prefer to check out the art gallery? How about looking at our favorite brand bike (Santa Cruz) at the Bike Shop? Or, you can check out fair trade items at "Ten-Thousand Villages". Stop for the BEST coffee at Java! We go there almost every weekend! Or grab some pizza at Lucky 13. Would you prefer to enjoy local organic faire? Try a pricey meal at "Richards".

OR, you could just go for a Sundae at GOODY's.

Find the Ice-Cream Parlor on 13th in Hyde Park.
Around the back there is a 3-4 stall parking lot.
5 trees along back wall of Goody's.
MIDDLE TREE, near the base but hidden about 8-10" UP from ground inside the branches...

PLEASE rehide well as this place gets heavy traffic. Also, the box is covered with BLACK TAPE so it is camoflaged, please try to replace it LENGTHwise so the rectangle blends with the tree trunk. Thanks!

Please contact us to tell us how you do! (And what tasty treats you enjoyed while there!)

From here, you may like to visit "Here, Kitty, Kitty", She is really close by! Also, "One for All" is a nice short hike to work off any ice-cream you may have enjoyed!