La Vie Aquatique #6: The Cranberry Dolphin  LbNA # 21492

Placed DateApr 14 2006
LocationChapel Hill, NC
Planted ByWishfish    
Found By MouseHouse5
Last Found Jul 4 2014
Hike Distance?

*** Temporarily removed for "repairs" 1/9/07... Box replaced 1/27/07. Finders: please make sure to close the box (and all bags inside) VERY tightly so nothing gets wet! ***

This letterbox is hidden on the Jo Peeler Nature Trail in Cedar Falls Park. The park is located off Weaver Dairy Road. Find directions at

Enter the park near the baseball field, on the side of the parking lot opposite the recycling area. Look for a paved path that heads into a wooded area. Pass a large brown sign that identifies the trail and has a map of the park. From here, walk toward the picnic areas (away from the parking lot).

Find the Jo Peeler Nature Trail on the right immediately after the playground. Doesn't seem to be a sign here identifying the trail, but you should turn right just before a large, hollow stump.

The Nature Trail is marked by yellow blazes on the trees and short brown signposts that have yellow numbers painted on them. Follow the blazes carefully; the trails in this park cross each other frequently and it is easy to get off-track!

When the trail forks, keep left (away from the baseball diamond).

At marker #7, turn right onto a side trail. Pass the giant 4-trunk tree, cross the stream bed, and follow the little path that heads toward a large pine tree that has a short log lying on the ground to its right. When you come to a T, continue in the direction you were headed, going across the other trail and toward a tall tree with a small double-trunk tree immediately to its left.

You will find the letterbox hidden in the rock pile at the base of these trees.

Please be discreet when stamping in and re-hide the letterbox carefully when you're done! Take care to close up the box and bags inside VERY tightly to nothing gets wet.

Return to the Jo Peeler Nature Trail back by marker #7 to continue around the loop or explore the network of other trails that wind throughout the park.