The Bubble Box THIS BOX IS GONE NOW  LbNA # 21498 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerThe Vargo Clan    
Placed DateApr 15 2006
LocationSanibel, FL
Found By 2 travelers
Last Found Feb 11 2014
Hike Distance?
Last EditedOct 29 2015

This box is located near a restaurant towards the end of Captiva island. From Ft. Myers take the causeway bridge to Sanibel island. It costs $6.00 at the moment. Turn right on Periwinkle, follow it to the end...about 3 miles, turn right on Tarpon Bay Road, follow to the end, less than a mile. Turn Left on San-Cap Road. Follow it all the way across the bridge to Captiva island. Once you are on Captiva Island come to a stop sign at Andy Rosse Lane. This restaurant is on the right side behind a big pink fence. Make a right into their parking lot. On the right you'll see a gorilla cage. On the left you'll see a clown juggling balls. Park here. Make your way away from the restaurant to the little emporium. Face the door of the emporium. Look to your right, you will see parking spaces. Choose the very first parking space closest to the emporium. Go to the front of the parking space. On your left you will see an air conditioning unit. Straight ahead of you, you will see some rocks and a small tree. Dead center of the wall is a hole with a bubble box. It is currently covered with a small rock that has blue paint on it. It's about three feet from the beginning of the wall. The small tree is slightly to the left. Have a great vacation....