The Haunted Trail  LbNA # 21520

Ownerjb kokopelli    
Placed DateApr 17 2006
LocationRusk, TX
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Directions: The city of Rusk only has one traffic light, which is located on Highway 69. On Highway 69, you will need to travel south from this traffic light towards Alto. It is approximately 2.3 miles from the traffic light to a historical marker. The marker has a brown sign and is located on the right side of Highway 69 South. You will need to park in the area by the historical marker. This is one of my favorite sites around Rusk and is the site of the Tassie Belle and Star and Crescent Iron Ore Furnaces for the town of New Birmingham. Local legend has it that this site is haunted, however I personally have never seen any ghosts nor goblins. The historical marker has a lot of information about the history of this area. This is a rather "natural" area so dress appropriately and be on the look out for poison ivy and snakes.

1. Behind the historical marker is a wooden post (actually 2 posts close together). With your back to the posts, you sill see a rustic trail. Follow the trail approximately 18 paces (pace is equal to about 3 feet for me)

2. At this point, there is a large dead tree across the trail. Go across the trail and continue on this trail for another 55 paces.

3. You should be standing near a medium pine tree on your left. Look to your left and you will see a series of brick walls from the old furnaces. From this spot, look to your right for the largest tree that you can see. Walk to this tree. It is approximately 11 paces (a pace is about 3 feet for me) to this tree.

4. Continue in the same direction 9 more paces to 2 pine trees that look like they are coming from 1 stump. The treasure is behind those pine trees. There is a large "ditch" behind the pine trees which used to be the old railroad that ran through New Birmingham. I have walked in that area a few times, and it is really interesting.

Please recover this box really well. Please contact me as to the condition of the box. ENJOY!!!