Medical Field Series(Box 5 missing)  LbNA # 21547 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 19 2006
LocationBrunswick, ME
Planted By2moms2sons1family    
Found By FelixPezGirl
Last Found Oct 18 2013
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Medical Field Series
Parcourse Fitness Trail
Brunswick, ME

Take exit 28 Brunswick/Bath/Coastal Route.
Continue on Rt. 1 at first set of lights take a RIGHT onto Church Road. Then take a LEFT onto McKeen St. Not quite a mile take a RIGHT onto Baribeau Drive. Go through the stop sign and turn RIGHT into Thornton Oaks Retirement Community. The previous site of Midcoast Hospital. Follow driveway to stop sign and turn RIGHT into parking lot. The Parcourse starts in an island in the parking lot. No need to start here. Look to the left and find the whistle walk and a sign posting the Parcourse. Follow paved path along woodline then to wooded path to wooden bridge. Where your journey shall begin. Remember the logbook with be found in Box #10. All are hand carved stamps. Rehide well please. Easy trek, less than a mile.

Cross bridge and veer left around curve, on left where siding turns to brick. Search for a four trunk tree, nestled in between Box #1, The Hospital.

Continue on path through 2 wooden fences with signs. Across from station 6 within tall stump, Box #2, The Patients.

Continue on path a bit. Find tall bare tree on the right, about 10 steps off the path under stump at base of tree find Box #3, New Life.

Just a short distance down the path, across from the “C,” a downed tree. Search far end for Box #4, Laboratory.

Trek around the corner and beyond the houses. 4 paces before the stream stop. Take 7 paces into the woods, you will be standing on a rock next to two concrete drain pipes. Search under the ledge of rock under sticks and leaves, Box #5, Radiology.

Back to the path veer right at the “Y.” Just before you cross the road, look right at young fir and birches, hidden is Box #6, Pharmacy.

Cross the road and continue path. Cross over bridge. Ahead to the tall twins. 6 paces to a cluster of trees on their toes, Box #7, Therapy.

Continue on around the bend (not toward the houses.) The leaning tree has fallen to the ground at least most of it. So 4 paces prior to station 14 turn left into the woods taking 8 paces to the rotted stump, under bark and sticks is Box #8, Nursing.

Just beyond find the charred 8 trunk tree. Nestled within, Box #9, Physicians.

Continue on the path around the bend to the right. Box #10, Healing Hands, and the log book rest under stump just before the road.

Cross road and return to parking lot.

This is our first series. We hope you enjoyed! Please bring MARKERS. No ink within boxes! Feel free and please email me to update with comments or concerns!