Celtic Harp  LbNA # 21551

OwnerFront Range Hiker      
Placed DateApr 19 2006
LocationLouisville, CO
Found By iflutterbye
Last Found May 8 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 15 2015

09/13/08 update - there is a bee hive about 3 feet away form the box. Please be careful.

A harpist was traveling through Boulder County when she saw a beautiful view of the mountains along McCaslin Boulevard. She spotted a lake on the east side of the road which looked like a great place to rest and enjoy the view.

The harpist parked in the official parking lot for the wildlife sanctuary and began to hike clockwise around the lake. She stopped at the first bench to read about the history of the park, but didn’t linger since the gorgeous view was behind her if she sat there.

She continued walking until she was at the east side of the lake. Several large boulders lined the shore and seemed to be the perfect spot to rest, play her harp and admire the view.

As she played, two young boys practiced their daredevil skills riding their bikes through the drainage area. Other children came to take off their shoes and tickle their toes in the chilly lake water. A crowd gathered to hear her Celtic music and relish in the springtime weather.

After playing for several minutes, the harpist packed up her harp into its Rubbermaid container. When the crowd dispersed, she left it under the SE corner of the bridge so that you could find it and try your hand at pleasing the fishermen and bikers who visit this lake.

Box contains a hand carved stamp, handmade journal, pen and a certificate for the first finder. Please rehide thoroughly, this can be a very busy area.