Falcon's Keep  LbNA # 21574

Placed DateApr 20 2006
LocationKittredge, CO
Planted Byraepanda    
Found By Finbar
Last Found Aug 27 2006
Hike Distance?

Terrain: Easy hike, a bit of rock scrambling near the end but nothing too bad. Small children might have problems.

Bring your own pen/pencil and ink pad. No compass needed. From Lakewood/Denver, head along Morrison Rd/Highway 74 towards Kittredge. At the edge of Kittredge you will see a sign for Mt. Falcon Park up Meyers Gulch Road. Turn here and follow the signs for the next four miles until you get to the park. There will be two parking lots; park in the second and highest lot and make your way to the trailhead at the east side of the lot. This is where the story begins.

The Falcon King, a grizzled warrior-king returned from many battles far afield, had aligted in his kingdom to find it vastly changed. Here in his land there were castles of beast and castles of man; his only hope of finding his throne was to follow the few landmarks left unchanged by time.

He headed forward, flying down the most royal of the trails before him, steadfastly moving straight ahead no matter the distractions offered to him. He passed a scribing of his kingdom that he could not read, as it was in the human tongue. He passed the skeletons of the forest, reaching skyward in desperation for all that their trauma had long since passed. He reached a point where the trail became three, and paused a moment in uncertainty, until he spied to his right a place sat upon by many a weary traveler in his domain. He headed towards it and, resting his wings a moment, spotted his castle of rock further along this path.

Alighting on the highest peak of his castle, he looked out upon his domain, and was at home again, at his Falcon's Keep - and remembered how all of the treasures he'd found in his journeys he had hidden here, at the base of the tree growing from the midst of the rock, at his right wing. He did not mind that others came to look at his treasures - he asked only that they hid them away again when they were done.