THE TREES in Findlay Township  LbNA # 21585

Placed DateApr 21 2006
LocationPittsburgh/Imperial, PA
Planted ByGenetic Blend    
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The Trees Letterbox can be found among trees, what else?
Oh, so you want more clues than that....okay, here we go.

The Trees Letterbox is behind Old Ridge Ball Field, in Findlay Township, Pennsylvania. Findlay Township is near the Pittsburgh International Airport. The closest large city is Pittsburgh, but the nearest town is Imperial.

The Old Ridge Ball Field, is at the Corner of Old Ridge Road and Westbrooke Lane. There is a small parking lot at the field. The letterbox is located in the woods behind the ball field. If you go to the dugout that is on the third base side of the field, you can find a trail behind the dugout that goes down into the woods. At first the trail is a little bit steep, but only for a few feet. Before you get to where the trail branches off into some other directions, you want to enter the woods to the right. This is off of the trail. Some bushwacking will be required. Walk through the woods staying parallel with the fence that goes from home plate to third base. In the woods, between the dugout and the left field, is a downed tree. The letterbox is located under that tree where there is a "Y" in the tree. It is easier to reach if you are on the side of the tree that is the downhill side, or the side of the tree that is furthest from the ball field. The box is covered with some tree bark. Please conceal the box well after stamping and signing the book.

A few other notes: If you are in the ball field, looking over the fence, down the hillside into the woods, you cannot see the downed tree.

When you are in the woods looking for the letterbox, you will see some trees that are burned. So if you see some blackened trees, you are in the right area.

There is no room for a traveller.

If you are the more adventurous type, you may want to explore that trail behind the dugout where it branches off. Once you are on the trail right behind the dugout, you can follow that trail straight down, and it will come out near the Montour Bike Trail. Or you can attepmt to find this hiding place from the Montour Trail--which really would be challenging. If you want to do that, you will need to find a black metal bridge around the 6 & 1/2 to 7 mile marker (approximately). There is a small dirt trail there that will take you up to the ballfield.

I would appreciate any emails regarding the condition of the box.