A Trail of Two Cities  LbNA # 21598 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 8 2006
Location???, ME
Planted ByYahYah    
Found By ???
Last Found May 4 2008
Hike Distance?

A Trail of Two Cities

Dragons to Eagles between land and sea
Maine onto Water is where starting should be

Box #1

2 roads diverged across from a plaque
1 would be long, the other tracks you back
A kiosk of info, read, be our guest
Make sure when you’re done to face 225 South West
Muggles are thick so be careful to spy
At 21 paces, direct, as the crow flies
The base of a trunk, don’t toddle too far
No need to swamp down nor walk up near cars
(This is a VERY busy spot, PLEASE be discreet and rehide w/ care!!)

Box #2

Two sets of fencing, a slow steady climb
Too late for a gamble so tuck away your dimes
Trek it to pipes, two connected to wood
View the house of the moons? Then you’re still doing good
Tar turns to dirt on a path past the sign
3 trunks for this tree with an audience of pines
(Still need some help? Well let me oblige!
Tall, great view of the water, and up high on the right!)

Box #3

Fences and bridges and a neat square-stoned wall
Old Rusty stands high and spans over all
Fowl have flown, their time here has past
If you’re boxing on wheels, dig hard! Go fast!
But wait! Slow down, for this “Hedron” that’s “Poly”!
You don’t want this last one to be a box folly!
Break at a table chained tight to a tree
10 granite stones and they’re square around thee
Check out the corner, 1st >rock< from the sun
Under leaves and near fencing and your boxing is done