Clip'n'Cut Microbox Series  LbNA # 21599

Placed DateApr 13 2006
LocationAugusta, ME
Planted ByYahYah    
Found By sunnyside seeker
Last Found Apr 18 2008
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Clip’N’Cut MicroBox Series


This is a MicroBox series dedicated to the memory of my grandfather who was a barber in the city of Augusta for around 50 years. I will add more boxes to this series as time progresses. Each Box is currently inside a 35 mm film canister. There are no log books associated, due to the size of the boxes.

Box #1 “Clip’N’Cut”

Pat’s Barber Shop experienced some of its earlier days on the corner of Water Street and Bridge Street. It is now the current home to The Video Game Exchange. My grandfather owned this entire building, from base level to the roof, for many years. 4 Barber chairs, a checkered floor, large mirrors and a lot of customers soon dwindled to 2 chronically empty chairs, empty space and a solitary barber to continue offering traditional haircuts at traditional hair cut prices. The memories are bittersweet, but the building still stands, rejuvenated and appreciated by the community for the services rendered inside.

The box is located behind this building in the stone wall that lines the dirt road parking area. See the railroad crossing pole? See the sign that says “downtown parking 2 hours, Designated parking area only”? It is right next to the road. The box is right there, in the wall. It is covered by a small rock between two granite blocks. One of the granite blocks has the imprint of 2 small circles on it. Park in front of this area of the wall when retrieving the box.

PLEASE BE DISCREET! There is A LOT of traffic in this area, PLEASE re-hide carefully and with care! PLEASE!

Box #2 - “Barber Pole” (UNAVAILABLE)

After my grandfather sold his corner building on Water Street he rented a much smaller building near the Edward’s Hotel, also on Water Street.

Landmarks around this box: The Edwards Hotel, a large blue building that sits near “Laurias By The River” restaurant. Also across the parking lot from the Eagles Club, which is in a pinkish-tan building. You will notice a large sign of an Eagle at the top of the building.

Go into the parking lot of the Eagles Club and the Edward’s Hotel. You will see a small square blue building with white trim. This small building is where my grandfather moved his barbershop to, echoing the trying times barbers faced as young and old made the transition from “barbers” to “hair stylists”. He was a one-man-show in this tiny building. It had enough room for 1 barber chair, 3 waiting chairs, 1 small bathroom, a Kerosene heater and an antique cash register that weighed a ton, was probable older than he was, but which he refused to part with. He left this register open every single night so that potential robbers would know that this barber had no money to steal.

Notice the 1 car parking area behind this small blue building with the white trim. My grandfather parked his car here every day. Notice the stone wall that borders the parking spot? The microbox is in this wall. See the tree to the right of the parking spot? It is in between the rock wall and the wood fence. The microbox is just inside the wall near this tree. You will have to through the wooden fence and remove a chunk of tar from the wall to retrieve the microbox.

PLEASE take into consideration that Lauria’s By The River might be serving dinner outdoors and that there may be eyes on you as you retrieve this box. PLEASE be discreet. This area of Augusta can be a very busy, nosy and unforgiving place. (Hence why my grandfather moved his barbershop from this location after only a few years.)