Mid Coast Hitchhiker Hostel  LbNA # 21600

Placed DateApr 19 2006
LocationBowdoinham, ME
Found ByKoru
Last UpdateJul 15 2007


Mid Coast Hitchhiker Hostel

box was vandalized and removed. plans to replace are in the making.

On 295. Exit 37. Bowdoinham resides between Topsham and Richmond.

Take the Bowdoinham Exit to the park and ride lot located right off the exit. The box is in the woods away from the road.

Go to the corner of the park and ride lot that borders the woods at both angles/sides. You will notice a dip in the landscape between the parking lot and the wooded area. You should also notice a triple-trunked tree resembling a W, from where youre standing. Go to this tree. Turn right and look into the woods, do you see another triple-trunked W? The box is hidden at the roots of a birch tree to the right of this second triple-trunked tree.

We noticed no other birch trees in the immediate vicinity.

Please leave a minimum of 3 Hitchhikers in this box at all times. Take a HH, leave a HH, be invisible and re-hide well!