Native American Appreciation Microbox Series  LbNA # 21602

Placed DateApr 21 2006
LocationBowdoinham, ME
Planted ByYahYah    
Found By The Thompson Twins
Last Found Dec 27 2006
Hike Distance?

Native American Appreciation Microbox Series


Healthy Maine Walks path on route 24 in Bowdoinham, across the street from the Phillip Maily Waterfront Park. Notice the “courtesy sand pile” sign. Stop here. If you miss it, notice there’s an old broken down white gate. STOP here and look right. You should see a small “Healthy Maine Walks” sign on a little wooden post to the right. The entrance to the trail borders the railroad tracks.

The Trail:

The trail is very close to private property in all directions, so please try and remain on the Healthy Maine Walks path. To enter the trail you will have to follow the railroad tracks for a short walk. You will pass an antique cargo hold from an old truck. Keep going. You will then reach an opening where there is a field on the right, and a field on the left. The entrance to the Healthy Maine Walks path is ON THE LEFT. (we missed it the first 3 times we came to this walking path, so been keen!) There should be a small wooden post with a very small “Healthy Maine Walks” sign nailed to it. (It’s easy to miss, so keep your eyes peeled!)

If you enter the woods through 2 metal fence posts you’ve gone too far. Turn around and look for the Healthy Maine Walks sign on your right.


First and foremost, there are geocaches in the area! If you find something that’s not a letterbox, please leave it as you found it.

The first 4 boxes are micro boxes, placed in 35mm film containers. The log book is located in the final box. There is no ink pad associated with this final box, so make sure you bring your own pad. It’s a neat design so you may want to bring markers of varying colors.

This is a TINY trail/hike. The boxes are pretty close together and we’d recommend this series for younger children as well as adults.


Box #1 – The Owl

For those who’s wisdom and strength are born from within.

Enter the woods. Stop at the flat rock in the path. Look ahead, you should see 2 orange markers on the left and right sides of the path. Turn right. See a large “Y” tree with a large root system. Go to the back left side of the tree and search among its roots.

Box #2 – The 4 Directions

For those who seek resolution to trying times in their lives, we present the 4 Directions. Life is cumulative, so must the resolution taken into account. We present the Winds of the North, South, East and West.

Continue on the trail. Notice a large “V” tree on the right, with a large fungal growth protruding from it. There is also a large rock slightly in front of the base of this tree. Continue walking. Notice a mushy marshy area on the left side of the trail. Across from this marshy area, stop at the coniferous tree on the right side of the trail (which should have a pink ribbon on it). Face Left. Notice a large trunked tree with what appears to be another tree growing out of its base. The box resides in the back roots of this larger tree.

Box #3 – Deer

For those who have stood between family and foe to protect the weaker and the innocent. And for those who have risked and sacrificed so that others may prosper and grow. We present the tall and proud standing Deer.

Continue on the trail. On the left you will pass the dead/rotted hollow stump beside a very long dead tree which is laying beside it. Stay on the trail. Trail seems to split into a “V” or a “Y” depending on how you look at it. Stay to the left. Immediately notice the stump at the left of the trail. Stop at it. Face Left. Notice a skinny white birch split in 2? Search base for stamp.

Box #4 – Lizard

For those who persevere “through it all”; who suffer heartache in the face of rejection but who continue to smile, laugh and find happiness, success and contentment with those that they cherish. And, for the “secret keepers”, that they may find the strength to live with, and have the wisdom to do what is right with the secrets they may hold. We present to you, the Lizard.

Continue until the trail leads you to the scenic outlook of the river. Notice the trail veers right, slightly? STOP HERE! Turn around and face where you just came. There is a tree with a “Healthy Maine Walks” sign on it. It has 1 trunk, but 4 upper body parts. You passed it about 10-15 feet back. Go to this tree. Look into the woods. Find the 2 skinny trees “very close” to each other, about 5 steps into the wooded area. The 1st of the 2 trees is covered by lichen. The other tree doesn’t have much lichen on it at all. Search the base of the first tree, on the river side.

Box #5 - The End

Head back the way you came. Stop at the dead stump directly on the right side of the trail. Notice the “V” tree to its right. Also notice the rock laying about 3 feet in front of this stump. If you see these, you’re in the right spot. Continue on the trail 22 steps (not paces). Stop. Look right. Notice the very long dead tree laying on the ground, somewhat abutting the dead hollowed tree stump? Start at the stump and face the dead tree. Count 6 leisurely paces from stump to letterbox. Letterbox is inside this dead tree.