! Onion Head !  LbNA # 21604 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 16 2006
Location???, ME
Planted ByYahYah    
Found By ???
Last Found Sep 1 2008
Hike Distance?

! Onion Head !

If Caesar were here he’d feel right at home, but alas, Caesar is dead and … let’s face it, times have changed since he last did the “Toga” chant with his fraternity brothers. And if Yugoslavia was still a country unto its entirely whole self, kinda like it was in the 80’s, well, it would be an affair of Capital proportions. Hey, the concept may not be Great, but it’s a concept nonetheless. It’s been a Long time since southern slavs have had the same general outlook, let alone the same perspective in their views. Heck, if the French had their way about it, they’d probably just tell everyone involved to quite their whining, take a hike, and get over it, but what do I know… I’m just here for the ride… taking the scenic route, breathing the fresh air, and enjoying the view from the top. (By the way, the British… y’know what they’d say? “duh, it’s elementary my dear Watson!”)

Grab the trail at where it starts. Go to the top. Keep on walking until you have a boulder on your left near a tree that’s a “W”. If you look straight ahead you’ll see a tall coniferous tree dead center on the trail. From this boulder on the left near the Tree that’s a “W”, stand in place and turn right. Get a compass reading of 295˚ degrees. Walk 10 paces as the crow flies toward the “V” coniferous twins. The box is under the ledge to the left of the twins.

You may have to do some “minor” bushwhacking as you walk toward the “V” twins, but only enough to just gently move branches out of your way as you walk.

This box is dedicated to our 13 year old who happens to !love! Onions. He’s our little Onion Head! The placement location of this box is dedicated to my husband. We used to hike a lot when we first met. This was one of the very first places I brought him to, and it’s one of his favorites. Beautiful views, especially in the Autumn. Bring a sack lunch, but make sure if you take kids, you keep a close eye on them near the edges!