Praying For Change  LbNA # 21605 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 16 2006
Location???, ME
Planted ByYahYah    
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 29 2008
Hike Distance?

Placed April 16, 2006

Praying For Change

"Mother" knew if change was to come she’d have to lead in a different direction. Not abandon her children, but lead them on a different, more productive path. Perhaps this particular road would lead them home, or at least closer to HIM. Her vision was unwavering. The road she followed, difficult yet still simple, and just shy of dark skies and brewing storm clouds overhead. The GRAY skies over yonder, though bleak, plain and somewhat ominous to others, seemed never to catch Mother and her children. Always seemed “just over there a ways”, and that was alright. Many have walked this road, though not as Mother and her children, oh no, for very few have lived as they did (and some still do).

Those that worked the land and communed as a people with a similar cause would stand as Mother and her children did, with strength in numbers, no matter how small, for she knew HE has "chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things that are mighty." With a destiny such as this, one could roll an unlucky number twice and wind up on the route they need to be.

Perhaps on a SUNDAY drive during PLANTING season one might take a dip over yonder from GRAY skies, just across from that communal place that stands #365 days a year. Ahh, yes, a LAKE on SUNDAY after a hard week's planting might be a sight for sore eyes, don't you think!?

Arrive at where you need to be, (and maybe indulge in a "dip" across the street when you're done?). Go to the rusty pole in front of the coniferous tree. Walk over the hump (to the left). Follow the line of younger coniferous trees that lay to the right. There are 4, and then a break, and another 2. Within this very small break you will see, on the ground, a bunch of rocks at the base of this slight embankment. The box is hidden under these rocks, very safe, secure and snug. Please leave it as you found it, hidden well, and deeply. This can be a very busy area at times so be please be invisible when retrieving this box. Bring and ink pad, there isn't one in the box.