Boulder Hotsprings  LbNA # 21631

Placed DateApr 22 2006
LocationBoulder, MT
Found By Sasquatch
Last Found Aug 13 2012
Hike Distance?

This box is being placed at one of my favorite spots in Montana.

To find it you must first get to Boulder. There are 2 ways to get to this small town. One way is to follow I-15 to a point approximately half way between Helena and Butte. The other way is to follow I-90 to Cardwell, and the travel north on Montana Highway 69.

Once you reach Boulder, you will need to travel approximatly 3 miles south of town, in highway 69. If you keep you eyes peeled, you will see a large sign which says "Boulder Hot Springs Inn", and along with it, if you look to the left, you will be able to see the awesome histoic structure that resides at the springs.

This spot was always a place of healing, gathering, and celebration, and even to this day it provides a feeling of peace and tranquility that you can feel as soon as you step foot on the property.

Around 1882 the hotel's construction began, and since that time it has been modified, and added to many times. It has been everything from a hotel to a dude ranch, and currently exists as a Bed and Breakfast with an attached Bath House for day use by locals and travelers alike.

As you turn off of highway 69, you'll take a gravel road up to the front of the building. The entire structure is quite impressive, and the history of how it has changed and morphed into it's current style is interesting. The actual hotsprings are not located in the larger structure, they are located in the bath house portion located on the lower end of the property. That is where you will want to go to begin your search. Inside the bath house section, you will find a whole billboard detailing the history of the place, this is quite interesting. Since you've made it that far, I would suggest spending the time to take a plunge into the great hotsprings water. This will only cost you $6 to soak. If you don't have a towel and suit, you can rent a towel for $1, and a suit for $1. It's well worth it, trust me.

After going inside and enjoying the healing waters that exist there, you'll leave the bath house portion, and be following a coble stone path back to your car. When the building you are walking along on your right ends, turn to your right, and down the hill a bit you will find a large black informational sign with white writting, hanging on the wall.

After reading this sign, face the sign, and look to your left and you should see a pile of stucco debris down the hill and about 15 paces away. Walk to that pile, and under the toe of that pile you will fine the prize you are looking for.

I hope you enjoy this spot as much as I do.

Please drop me a note and let me know if this box is alive and well.