Humble Beginings.  LbNA # 21636

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateApr 22 2006
LocationMt. Pleasant., OH
Found By bigpoppaduz
Last Found Apr 18 2010
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Humble Beginnings.

Handicap accessible with a helper.

Dedicated to my ancestral cousins, those that had the 'Pioneer Spirit' when they settled and prospered in what became Vinton County, Ohio.

Born in Washington County Pennsylvania in 1847, Samuel Brady Nixon finished life in Vinton County Ohio on April 28, 1914.

One son, Francis 'Frank' Anthony Nixon, was not content with the simple life presented in a farming community, he found himself in Columbus as a streetcar conductor before heading westward to California after the turn of the 20th century.

By June 1908, Frank met and married another Midwest transplant from Indiana named Hannah Milhous, their son Richard, born in 1913, became one of the most powerful men of the world when he entered politics and later became President of the United States in 1968.

The President's Great Grandfather, George Nixon III, was killed at Gettysburg and is buried in that National Cemetery. I am a 5th generation descendant of George's half-sister Elizabeth Jane Nixon Stevens, of nearby Elk Township. You can visit her grave when I post ‘Little Drummer boy’ in a few weeks.

To find President’ Nixon’s ‘humble beginnings’, locate the grave of Samuel B. Nixon in Mt. Pleasant cemetery on the Vinton-Hocking county line on the western edge of Mt Pleasant, Ohio. New Mt Pleasant, as it was called when first settled, is located on a hill top divided by route 93 between Logan and McArthur.

Once in the cemetery, turn into the church drive and proceed up and over the hill and park near the bottom of the drive. Samuel’s grave is near a group of cedar trees at the end of the row nearest the county road. At a bearing of 150 degrees from the top of his stone, walk up the hill to the Dr. Swepston family plot located inside a small sandstone curb. Find your box between a daughter and the cut sandstone curb. Note that this girl died on the exact date as Samuel, only several decades earlier.