Handi-work  LbNA # 21638

OwnerPioneer Spirit      
Placed DateApr 22 2006
LocationMcArthur, OH
Found By Red /Blue Cruz-sader
Last Found May 9 2008
Hike Distance?


Handicap accessible with a helper.

Dedicated to my ancestral cousins, those that had the 'Pioneer Spirit' when they settled and prospered in what became Vinton County, Ohio. Dedicated to my Grandfather, Fred Mitchell.

You will be visiting old Swan School located on route 93 North of McArthur. This school served to educate my mother in her early days and was in use until the ‘new’ Swan school was built farther south in 1959. This school now serves as the Swan Township meeting hall and voting place.

Turn into the driveway that runs behind the school. Get out and admire the ‘handiwork’ of my Grandfather. He built the two out-houses, or 'privies' if you prefer. Although remodeled in later years, they still stand today. If you look almost directly north, you will see a small farm house where Fred lived and where my mother and twin sister were born in 1937.

Locate the back lower side of the school where the chimney is located between the school and the coal house, follow the wall around the corner to where it meets the building in a ‘T’ fashion on the southern side farthest from the new handicap space. Your goal is behind a couple bricks under the building where an old brick step disappears under the building.

Re-hide as found or better, away from the prying fingers of bored children and curious adults.