Our Tree Sons  LbNA # 21641 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 21 2006
LocationSouthington, CT
Planted Byr3sons    
Found By Bungalow Boxer
Last Found Oct 17 2007
Hike Distance?

(Note: For a longer walk or bike ride, start at the south end of the bike trail on West Main Street in Plantsville)

- Start at the Farmington Canal Greenway sign on Mill Street, just off route 10, just north of downtown Southington.
- Walk north so that the parking lot is on your left. Start counting telephone poles starting with the one near the long rock.
- At the 4th pole, you will notice an old school to your right. Count the next pole as pole #1.
- After pole #4, you will see Gas Line M1L2 on your left.
- Be careful crossing the street!
- At pole #8, sit down and take a rest.
- As you sit, look to your left down the bike path. Across from the pine trees, there is a huge rock on the opposite side of the trail. Walk around to the back of the rock and you will find "Our Tree Sons" hidden under the notch in the rock behind some smaller rocks.
- Please place rocks back in place.