Hall Falcons  LbNA # 21660 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateApr 20 2006
LocationWillington, CT
Planted ByDryad    
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
Hike Distance?


Take Rt. 32 into Willington. Park in the parking lot behind Hall Memorial School. In the right hand corner of the parking lot is a sign for Wilderness Trail. Follow the path. When the path comes to a T turn left. Follow the trail until you get to a pair of picnic tables. From the higher picnic table, take a reading of 180 degrees. Walk 15 paces to a fallen over stump. From there take a reading of 150 degrees. Take 15 more paces to a leaning tree. Looking around you will see a very large woodpecker tree. Walk toward it. From here you should see the path. Go onto it, heading north. Stay on the path until you get to a deadwood step in the path. Take a reading of 190 degrees. Head toward a double tree at the top of the rise. Standing at the trunk with two trees, take a reading of 330 degrees. (This is not the double tree behind home plate.) Walk to the large dead tree. Once on the path, walk in the direction of 240 degrees for 11 paces. You will come upon another large tree on your right. On the North side is a large bump on the trunk. Sit down on it, and take a reading of 230. This should keep you on the path, but go for 16 paces. On the left is a large tree with an orange blaze on it. Look at the base on the eastern side of the tree. Inside you will find your letterbox depicting the school's mascot. This letterbox will be used by the students to learn about letterboxing as well...so perhaps we'll see some new letterboxers on the trail this summer?