Hatteras Hurricanes  LbNA # 21665

Placed DateApr 16 2006
LocationBuxton, NC
Found By The Wolf Family
Last Found Nov 22 2007
Hike Distance?

Hatteras Hurricanes

This letterbox is located in Buxton Woods. To get to the trail head take Route 12 in Buxton 0.8 miles south of the water tower and turn left on to Water Association Road. Go to the end of this road where it makes a 90 degree turn with Great Ridge Road. Park off the road here and find the trail head on the SW side of this turn, by the road sign.

There are other letterboxes along this trail … starting with Biggest Sandcastle Ever, then OBX-Buxton, Maggie’s First Fish, Message in a Bottle, Hatteras Hurricanes and U-Boat, not to mention "Shell at Great Bridge" on a nearby trail.


• From the “Message in a Bottle” letterbox …
• Return to the logs on the trail
• From here there is a quick down and then some short rotten stumps on both the left and right side of the trail
• The trail will be generally undulating for a bit
• Then you will come down to a tree bent at 90 degrees on the right side of the trail (in this area there are great vines to do the Tarzan swing on ... we did!)
• The trail will go up and then meander sort of flat starting at a 6’ stump on the left
• You might then go under an arch
• Pass a tree bent at 90 degrees on the left and come to a hairpin turn.
• Stop in this HAIRPIN TURN
• As you round the outside curve of this turn (it turns right) there is a rotting 3’ stump on the left
• From it you will see a “V” of two logs heading toward the East
• Go to the point of the “V”
• Take 11 steps from the point of the “V” back along the logs in the direction you just came from
• You should meet up with another log pointing NW
• Under the East end of this log is the “Hatteras Hurricanes” letterbox
• Reseal, rehide, reweight!